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Brittany Byrdy

In the realm of visionary leadership and business innovation, Brittany Byrdy stands out as the dynamic force behind BNB Solutions LLC. As the founder of this women-owned business development firm, Brittany has woven her passion for technological advancement and strategic partnerships into a transformative journey. With an unwavering belief in the power of collaboration, she has embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between business visionaries and governmental leaders.


With a career trajectory that traces from her early days at the Washington Post to her ventures in the legal and tech industries, Brittany's diverse experiences have crafted her into an adept connector. Drawing from her extensive California network, she masterfully fuses influencers and decision-makers from government and industry, facilitating leading-edge collaborations that modernize the very fabric of cities.


At the heart of Brittany's accomplishments lies her dedication to fostering positive change. Her ability to identify opportunities for innovation and her innate skill in navigating complex government landscapes set her apart. Brittany's expertise transcends the conventional boundaries of lobbying, offering a unique perspective in procurement and deal closure that resonates with both government bodies and vendors.


One of her remarkable feats has been her instrumental role in redefining crime-solving paradigms. Through pioneering technologies such as drones and AI analytics, Brittany has not only helped law enforcement departments modernize their approach but has also significantly contributed to the revitalization of communities. Her most recent achievement can be traced to her partnership with the city of Santa Monica, where her strategies played a pivotal role in crime reduction and urban transformation.


Brittany Byrdy
Founder, BNB Solutions LLC

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