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Candy appears in the 2020 Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine


Candy Ho

As CEO of The Cape on Bowen Community Development, Candy Ho is an innovator for social change through the development of revolutionary communities that foster connection and unity for the betterment of all people. On the heels of pioneering Element Lifestyle Retirement, the award-winning, intergenerational model of aging in place of retirement living, she has launched her newest brainchild, the Cape on Bowen, a community for social, economic, and environmental sustainability. “My approach seeks to strengthen the local socioeconomic fabric through growing in place, aging in place, and  employment creation, and to create commercial value from environmental stewardship, enrichment, research and innovation,” she shares.


Candy’s philosophy comes from her father’s work in the retirement industry: above all else do good, then opportunity and abundance will naturally come. After ten years in the development and operations of aging in place retirement communities, she became the first to introduce multi-generational living to the industry. She co-founded Element Lifestyle Retirement to overcome the stigma and isolation of residences that categorized people by age and need. She innovated and negotiated her way around government-imposed age covenants and policies to deliver communities that now have an even distribution of age. Her model allowed for residents spanning all generations to live together on a day-to-day basis. For this innovative work, the company won the 2015 Global Award for The Most Outstanding Intergenerational Community in the World.


Now Candy is bringing her energy and passion to the Cape on Bowen, with the vision to develop 350 contiguous acres on the southwestern coastline of the only island within Metro Vancouver. In her plan, she is including diverse housing forms, a secondary school, regenerative farm, arts & culture commons, waterfront park adjoining a vast eco-diverse forest, hiking trails, and a conscious leadership retreat. She is seeking impact investors to back the realization of this role model development, which she hopes will become a Netflix documentary. She is determined to demonstrate the possibilities of co-creative leadership that does away with fear, ego, control, and outdated power structures, and instead harnesses the brilliance of the collective in united, inspired action.

Candy Ho

Chief Executive Officer — The Cape on Bowen Community Development




Speech on Intergenerational Aging in Place:

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Candy's feature on page 113.

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