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Cassandra appears in the
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Cassandra S. Pillonel

Ask Cassandra S. Pillonel about her career and she’ll tell you, “it’s been a journey.” Originally in a PhD program with a literature focus, she found herself discouraged by some of its aspects. On a suggestion, she pivoted to law school, where she found her true calling. “I like to take every opportunity to learn, so it was a great fit for me,” she says. “With law, you never know what’s going to come your way.” After graduating in 2011, she practiced family law, probate, then domestic litigation as a civil litigator. Moving her way up the ranks in Austin, she became a regional managing attorney for multiple states in addition to her own caseload. In 2020, she joined Zinda Law Group, PLLC as director of attorneys, stepping into a purely managerial role.


Zinda Law Group is a personal injury firm with nationwide reach, so Cassandra is still in civil litigation, this time as a director, and found that her background in family law afforded her a solid foundation for personal injury. “I was delighted to learn this new field and work with clients in desperate need of help and a strong advocate,” she says. And a strong advocate is exactly what Cassandra is, getting answers and results for her clients. She especially loves working with first-time clients, educating them on how to handle attorneys, court, and the legal process. Her devotion to those she represents compels her participation in like-minded groups, namely, the Travis County Women Lawyers Association, the Hispanic Bar Association of Austin, the Hays County Bar, the State Bar of Texas, and more.


Cassandra owes her success to her innate empathy, which inspires her to bring extra diligence and care to every case, and to anticipate her clients’ needs. “I’m truly their advocate and I’m in the trenches with them,” she says. Her empathy also extends to new hires and the next generation of lawyers, teaching them the ropes and helping support their own journeys through the legal field through mentorship.



Cassandra S. Pillonel

Attorney —Zinda Law Group, PLLC




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