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Chandler LeGrange


Chandler LeGrange, a visionary leader in the security industry, stands at the helm of Valen Surveillance & Security, LLC as its CEO and founder. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionize the conventional security landscape, he embarked on this transformative journey driven by a conviction that traditional security methods were fostering a false sense of safety. Drawing from his extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, Chandler recognized the need for innovative solutions to address security challenges. With a strategic focus on delivering both cutting-edge products and unparalleled customer service, he aimed to introduce a paradigm shift in the industry.


Chandler's multifaceted role encompasses overseeing the entirety of operations, spearheading marketing initiatives, directing field operations, and orchestrating the company's exponential growth trajectory. Three short years since its inception, Valen Surveillance & Security has rapidly evolved into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, a testament to Chandler's visionary leadership and tenacity. Central to their success is the company's steadfast dedication to customer service excellence. Bucking the trend of automated interactions and distant call centers, Valen Surveillance & Security prioritizes quality products and personalized service.


Valen Surveillance & Security prides itself on being a beacon of innovation. Through strategic partnerships with global industry leaders, the company has harnessed some of the most advanced technologies available. Their diverse portfolio includes X-ray machines, perimeter security solutions such as radar and thermal imaging, and contraband solutions tailored for correctional facilities. Chandler's brainchild also plays a pivotal role in enhancing security within the oil and gas sector, fortifying critical infrastructure and substation security. The company's impact however, extends well beyond commerce. Valen Surveillance & Security collaborates closely with local government agencies, contributing to community safety efforts and disaster response coordination. In the Gulf South region, they've been at the forefront of disaster response during hurricanes and natural calamities, exemplifying their commitment to safeguarding what truly matters.


Akin to his past service in the armed forces, Chandler's mission to safeguard the irreplaceable. Whether it's securing vital infrastructure, educational institutions, or critical assets, he understands the profound responsibility of preserving the intangible. Through Valen Surveillance & Security, Chandler LeGrange is crafting a legacy defined by innovation, service excellence, and unwavering dedication to protecting the world we inhabit.



Chandler LeGrange
CEO & Founder
Valen Surveillance & Security, LLC

Facebook: Valen Surveillance & Security, LLC


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