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Charles Miller


Charles Miller knows energy. With over 30 years the energy space, he has spent his entire career solving problems by creating custom engineered solutions. In 2018, he founded NgenX Energy and Environments, an energy development company, and while it’s definitively not his final opus, it may be—for now—his magnum opus. With NgenX, Charles takes a holistic approach to energy consumption and delivery, crafting solutions to create better operational environments and improve profitability for companies large and small. “Our tagline is, Energy Enlightened. It really is our gospel,” he says. “We look at energy from a different perspective; it's not just electrons, it's not just BTUs, it’s how all these things work together to create the most efficient system possible. Our years of experience and partner relationships are what differentiates us from the competition. Innovation is the key to our success.”

Charles’s knowledge and expertise come from varied sources within the industry. He has designed software for nuclear power plant simulations, and managed engineering and project development teams for construction, critical infrastructure, and renewable energy applications. However, the common frequency harmonizing all of his experiences has been his continuous search for new opportunities, new technologies, and new ways of integrating those technologies into solutions for his customers by analyzing the big picture.

NgenX works with technologies on the cutting edge of power generation throughout the U.S, Canada, and the Caribbean, targeting energy efficiency across multiple vertical markets. In some cases, such as data centers and the emerging cannabis market, they’ve helped their customers reduce energy costs by as much as 50%. A common application in the NgenX approach is combined heat and power—reclaiming the heat generated from onsite power generation and leveraging that heat in other operational processes. Using new and existing technologies and a network of experts, NgenX creates customized, optimal solutions for their clients—but they aren’t stopping there. With their CEAPOD product, they’ve created a global solution for indoor agriculture. These controlled environment pods can be paired with a fuel source and placed in areas where fresh produce is not readily available. “It’s given us the ability to grow fruits and vegetables anywhere in the world,” Charles explains. “The solutions we’re providing genuinely help people in need.”

Charles Miller received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from The Catholic University of America, and his MBA in international business from La Salle University/John Hopkins University.


Charles Miller

CEO & President — NgenX Energy LLC



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