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Chris Brown


Chris Brown, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the service industry, is the driving force behind the remarkable success of Premier Grease Recycling, LLC. From his humble beginnings working at his father's grocery store as a teenager, Chris's journey has been characterized by unwavering dedication, industry expertise, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.


In 1978, at the age of 18, Chris embarked on a career in the baking industry, managing and operating a bread route. His relentless determination and relentless work ethic propelled him from a route salesman to roles of increasing responsibility, including supervisor, sales manager, and director of sales over the span of 22 years. In 1998, seeking new challenges, Chris joined the second-largest rendering company in Texas as a procurement representative. His strategic vision and adept relationship-building skills were instrumental in catapulting the company's market share from 55% to an impressive 95%. His rise within the company continued, culminating in his promotion to Western Region district manager in 2008.


In 2016, Chris made a bold decision to transition into a new industry altogether. He purchased a grocery store in Lubbock, Texas, aiming to leave behind the rendering of animal by-products. Fate, however, had other plans. A call from a former customer and friend in late 2018 highlighted a gap in the grease recycling market – a gap that Chris was uniquely qualified to fill. With resolute determination, he sold his grocery store utilizing his retirement funds and established Premier Grease Recycling, LLC in early 2019.


At Premier Grease Recycling, Chris's primary responsibilities include fostering exceptional customer relationships, expanding market share, and business development. Under his leadership, the company has thrived. Starting with just one driver and 77 accounts, Chris's commitment to both clients and employees has propelled the company's growth. Today, Premier Grease Recycling services an impressive 2,438 customers across three branches in San Antonio, Lubbock, and Abilene, Texas, boasting a team of 16 skilled professionals and a fleet of six vacuum trucks.


Beyond achieving outstanding growth, Chris's vision emphasizes integrity and service excellence for clients, complemented by his steadfast commitment to employee well-being. His leadership ensures that their first 77 customers are never forgotten as they remain the cornerstone of Premier Grease Recycling's identity. As Chris continues to shape Premier Grease Recycling's path, we can be sure that its future will be defined by excellence and innovation.


Chris Brown, CEO: Premier Grease Recycling, LLC


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