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Christopher Bucio

Christopher Bucio has practiced criminal law since 2003, shortly after obtaining his degree from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law. He started out as a public defender, which gave him extensive trial and court experience, and is now the lead attorney for the criminal defense division of Bradley & Associates Attorneys at Law. To this day, however, Christopher has not prosecuted a single case. “Doing so would feel unnatural to me,” he says.


Along with managing partner, Karen Bradley, Bradley & Associates handles both criminal and immigration law, a unique but effective combination of specialties. Karen heads the immigration practice, something she cares deeply about as an expatriate of Belize, and Christopher’s practice is devoted to the defense of large felony cases, often for people with financial challenges. A small, but not insignificant, percentage of clients require both services, which led to their distinctive moniker as a “crimmigration” firm.


Christopher distinguishes himself through a personal approach to each case and with every client. At any given time, his caseload will not exceed 65 defendants because they are high-profile and therefore, time intensive. “Keeping a small clientele base really allows me to focus,” Christopher says. And too, he includes paralegals, investigators, and other integral figures in his case preparation to ensure maximum transparency, often requiring weekly meetings to ensure every detail in considered.


Christopher’s success and impressive number of not-guilty verdicts earned the firm a Client Choice Award from Martindale Hubble in 2020, as well as an Avo Client Choice Award every year since 2012, as well as a plethora of 5-Star Google Reviews.


Christopher is highly respected by both clients and colleagues for his integrity, honesty, and dedication. “I give every single client my cell phone number so they can always contact me. I feel this is important because these individuals are going through the biggest, and possibly the worst, event of their lives.” Helping those in need is part of the Bradley & Associates ethos. “While we cannot guarantee an outcome, we can promise hard work and availability,” he says.



Christopher Bucio

Lead Attorney for Criminal Defense Division
Bradley & Associates Attorneys at Law


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