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Clifford Michaels

To say that Clifford Michaels has seen it all is an understatement. With more than three decades of experience in the investment and finance field, Clifford has worked for major Wall Street firms in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, including Citicorp Investment Bank, Salomon Brothers, and AIG, before starting his own boutique firm in the mid-90s, Institutional Investment Advisors Corp., which he still runs today in New York City. Not only that, but he served on the board of the Financial Planning Association of New York for 10 years, and became president. He has seen all manner of stock market upheavals and events that might shake someone with less dedication, experience, and talent for pivoting. His success through good and bad times has earned him interviews in Newsday, Business Week, Money Magazine, and Smart Money, among other notable finance magazines, as well as appearances on CNN and CNBC. He’s also lectured on financial topics and taught adult education courses at St. John’s University, Baruch College, and NYC Public Libraries. Today, he’s taking all of that expertise and providing investment retirement planning advice and services with Institutional Investment Advisors Corp. for individual investors as well as small businesses and has become a trusted advisor and financial steward for generations of investors. He guides clients through investment management, retirement and pension planning, annuity selection, insurance, estate planning, trustee services, and employee benefits planning.


Because of all he’s seen since earning his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Clifford takes a uniquely conservative approach to his business and the advice he gives. In fact, “conservative advice” is his motto. He has the ability to capture the growth of the market, but at considerably less risk, because while he of course, cultivates growth, his approach is measured and time-tested. “People don’t hire me to beat the market,” he explains. “They hire me to get growth at a reasonable price. My conservative manner allows people to stick with their investments so they can accumulate and distribute wealth.” This makes him the perfect advisor for those who are looking for an investment plan that isn’t going to stress them out, and who are looking for steady, time-tested growth.


Clifford also works with clients of all ages and at all different points in their lives. While many of his clients are navigating retirement and pre-retirement, many other clients are younger, in their 30s and 40s. For people concerned with retirement, knowing they feel secure that their monthly income will be steady is a priority, and it’s exactly what Clifford delivers. And when unexpected things happen in the economy, as happens sometimes, Clifford is there to guide his clients through the difficult time, navigating them through ups and downs. Known throughout the New York area as an educated and respected financial advisor, Clifford also offers a free newsletter, The Retirement Advisor, with financial news, trends, and advice so all people can access his singular advice to make their own informed decisions.


Clifford Michaels

CFP, Chief Investment Officer
Institutional Investment Advisors Corp.



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