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Cody Baker

With the motto “Your success is our top priority,” Terrydale Capital is a commercial debt advisory brokerage specializes in sourcing financing for commercial real estate investments nationwide. “We’re structured like a bank but operate like investors,” Director Cody Baker explains. “We’re transparent with a process crafted to be effective for both borrowers and lenders alike.” As only the fifth person to join the firm back in 2020, Cody hit the ground running, establishing the self-storage and industrial arm of the company, which was previously focused exclusively in the multifamily space. In his first year alone, Cody financed $70 million and this year, is expected to double that figure. “We have the structure in place to know where the debt markets are, which complements our internal processes. This is helpful because oftentimes it’s the financing that makes or breaks a deal,” he explains. Terrydale Capital’s lending platforms include local, national, and regional banks as well as credit unions, life companies, debt funds, construction and bridge lenders, and family offices, among others. “We have the ability to get creative in terms of how we structure particular types of financing,” he states. “We move quickly, and are able to negotiate the best terms on behalf of our clients.”


Where the firm specializes in commercial real estate financing for different asset classes, Cody specializes in financing acquisitions and refinances of industrial and self-storage assets nationwide. The company recently launched their self-storage membership training platform, StorageCLUB, which was an initiative Cody led that’s geared toward educating people on how to invest in self-storage. Prior to joining Terrydale Capital, Cody successfully built a triad of organizations including a CRM company, mortgage and real estate marketing firm, and a lead generation business, all of which were later acquired as a packaged deal. With the long-term vision of adding value to clients by hyper-specializing in a historically unspecialized product type, Cody engineers innovative solutions to help clients overcome obstacles. “Helping clients make the money they’re trying to make and be successful with these transactions is really what I enjoy most,” he shares. 


Cody is a graduate of Texas Tech University and a former professional golfer.


Cody Baker

Director — Terrydale Capital


LinkedIn: Cody Baker

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Instagram: CodyDBaker

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