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Cody Lubeley, CFP®


Based on the belief that anything is possible with a financial plan, Cody Lubeley co-founded Legacy Capital Group. The company provides integrated planning, wealth management, and insurance solutions all in one place. “We come across a lot of individuals that may have a wealth management advisor, but not a financial planner,” he states. “Creating their financial plan and integrating that with their investments and insurance is unique.” With special emphasis on generational planning and helping clients pass their wealth through financial planning, Cody and his partner primarily serve business owners, middle-aged families, and retirement markets. “Many people have big goals that never get put on paper, and then the time just passes too quickly,” he explains. “But as long as you plan for it, anything is possible.”


Cody got his start in the industry in college selling life insurance during which time he obtained his investment licenses. After graduation, he started prospecting into new markets within his network, with a dedicated focus on corporate America and small businesses. He’s since built an entire practice from referrals alone, and to this day, he hasn’t made a single cold call. “Seeing the need and desire for the integrated services we provide is what drives me each and every day,” he shares. “Continually servicing our existing clients and being able to provide value through custom solutions is both motivating and impactful.”


Cody Lubeley, CFP®

Financial Advisor — Legacy Capital Group


LinkedIn: Cody Lubeley 

Facebook: Legacy Capital Group

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