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Cory Gorovitz

For ages, poets have endeavored to describe love, philosophers have tried to explain it, and people have tried to find it. For some, it is a tireless search with no definitive starting point … until now.

Cory Gorovitz, a born visionary, has created an incomparable solution to the dating conundrum with a truly unique platform that eliminates mindless swiping through a sea of moderately compatible matches. The app is called LuvHut®, and in spring of 2022, it will become the dating method of choice for Gen-Z and millennial singles.

Intrigued by this forthcoming phenomenon, which has already been chronicled by Global Dating Insights and Start-Up Boston, the Top 100 Magazine spoke with Cory to learn about the app, his motivation to create it, and what singles everywhere can look forward to.

Cory, first tell us what inspired you to create LuvHut® and how the app works.

I have always enjoyed solving problems and finding new methods to address antiquated practices. This is very much the case with dating apps—they all work the same way. LuvHut® is a video-based platform that expedites how users match, chat, and plan dates. Our algorithms are unique to each individual user and provide compatibility percentages for each match; a valuable breakdown we call scorecards. Users can then keep up with matches in real time, send date requests, and earn various rewards like crypto for each date that’s booked.

How is LuvHut® making the dating search easier and more effective?

The platform was designed to provide convenience, safety, and accessibility for a generation of singles burdened by a lack of dates. While other apps don’t offer much except features, we enable users to book seamless dates, whether they be solo or group, through our HotSpot portal. It’s a more authentic approach, since half the battle is choosing where to meet. Plus, we’ve eliminated catfish, users not updating profiles accordingly and lying about their age or height—so, singles will certainly thank us for that. It’s almost like a dating app on steroids that combines aspects of social networks and entertainment fused with insightful data at your fingertips.

How can people get your app or become part of LuvHut®?


It will be available for both iOS and Android this spring and singles can sign up through our website and social media. As of today, we’re close to 7,000 users on our waitlist. To increase brand awareness and sign-ups, we’ve hired undergraduate students from major campuses across the U.S.


How did you raise funding early on?


I started it myself with $40,000. On January 7, 2022, we announced our partnership with TechRupt Innovations, a startup accelerator, and they’re investing $330K at a $1.65 million valuation. We are also seeing interest from angel and VC investors to scale our efforts.


Your educational background and experience have undoubtedly played a role in the creation of such an intuitive platform. Can you tell us about it?


I attended UMass Dartmouth and Framingham State University, where I majored in marketing and minored in entrepreneurship, ultimately graduating magna cum laude. I received Entrepreneur of the Year and Innovation of the Year for my senior thesis paper, which was about LuvHut®. During my time at FSU, I also served as a business development manager for a marketing company.


Cory Gorovitz

Founder & President at LuvHut®



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