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Craig appears in the Top 100 Innovators
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Craig Hennings

Craig Hennings is a servant leader dedicated to transforming dentistry by enhancing the patient experience and advancing the operations of dental practices.

With over 30 years in the dentistry field, Craig's journey began by following in his father's footsteps, who had a distinguished career in dental supplies. His passion for innovation and improving patient care led him to embrace cutting-edge technologies early on. He vividly remembers the excitement of introducing a new product to the market in 1994, recognizing its potential to revolutionize dental practices. "When I had an opportunity to start selling digital X-rays, which were far safer for patients, better for the environment, and better for dentists, that really excited me," he remarks.

Now, in his role as president, Craig is instrumental in spearheading SICAT’s growth within the US market. SICAT, which was founded in 2004 with its headquarters based in Germany, entered the North American market in 2019 with a new location in Meridian, ID. Here, Craig has played a pivotal role in shaping their sales approach, leading to the successful execution of a go-to-market strategy for sales and support of US dentists. In addition, Craig contributes his experience to SICAT’s US-based representatives through coaching, empowering them to excel in their careers and improve their lives. This level of dedication to SICAT's mission is echoed in Craig’s own words, "I am very excited to evangelize our products and I am always thrilled to share my enthusiasm with our talented staff. This is an amazing adventure, where we have the privilege of watching dentists transform their practices, get invigorated, mature, and grow through the process."

Expounding on SICAT’s primary objective, Craig shares, “SICAT distinguishes itself by offering dentists a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnostics and treatment. For example, by leveraging our AI technology, they can produce surgical guides, which not only facilitate same-day procedures that are far less invasive, but yield significant returns on their investment. For patients, our solution resolves many of the common sources of procedural pain, such as with root canals. Traditionally, such treatments entail several visits, often resulting in weeks of pain. With SICAT, a root canal can be done in one or two visits, with minimal discomfort in between.”

In short, SICAT is making the outcomes associated with dental treatments more predictable, more accurate, faster, and less expensive. Through their efforts, dentists are rapidly progressing toward practices with streamlined workflows, increased case acceptance rates, and superior patient experiences. It’s exactly what Craig envisioned when he joined this revolutionary company that shares his passion for innovation.

Craig Hennings

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