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Craig Weissenfels

Craig Weissenfels grew up in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada, playing bowling, football, volleyball, and basketball as a student, and winning the Outstanding Athlete Award. Today, he’s the visionary co-founder and passionate CEO of Streakers Gaming, Inc., the exciting new fan-centric, user-driven gaming app that’s sweeping across North America, bringing the grassroots excitement of sports and esports in a way that’s never been done before. Streakers is not just an app; it’s a community where you can connect with friends, share your victories, cheer each other on. It's a place where dreams become reality, and where the magic of sports and esports comes alive. From baseball, football, and hockey to mini golf, potato sack races, and Matchbox car derbies, people can create any game their imaginations conjure. “We've poured our hearts and souls into creating an app where everyone can feel like professional, true champions. From backyard games to family tournaments, we've designed every feature to give you a taste of the big-league spotlight,” says Craig.

The story of how Streakers came to be is as riveting as the homegrown competitions exploding from the imaginations of Streakers players, stretching from the hockey rinks of Canada to the neighborhood cul-de-sacs of Texas to the pubs and sports bars across the Midwest and community playing fields and courts everywhere.

The Mascot Collision Heard Around the World: “The beginning of the beginning.”

Seventeen years ago, Craig was an award-winning executive with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment when he took a brutal hit from a mascot during a Raptors game. So dramatic was the collision that the video garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. It lasted an instant, but the concussion Craig sustained changed the course of his career—and his life—forever. “It wasn’t the beginning of the end. It was the beginning of the beginning,” he shares. Truer words have never been spoken—especially when they come from a man who is known for his determination, perseverance, and ingenuity. He leapt from sports executive to tech leader and visionary entrepreneur, co-founding and leading groundbreaking technologies and innovations. Among them "Clean15," a Canadian clean technology competition that, along with and others, embraced the challenge of seeking out meaningful, non-obvious technology connections. Craig forged international partnerships and gained unparalleled insights into the global innovation landscape, with each experience fueling his passion for pushing boundaries and making lasting impacts on the industries he touches. In 2023, he merged his love for innovation, sports, and community to launch the Streakers app. And so it was that Streakers Nation was born, and it took off—fast gaining a reputation for “one of the coolest, most unique communities” in esports and sports.


What is Streakers? From Mini Golf to Pickleball, Batting Cages to The MLB, the Exciting New Gaming App Stealing the Hearts and Minds of People Everywhere.


Streakers Gaming is revolutionizing the esports and traditional sports landscape, offering a dynamic platform where users can unleash their creativity. Imagine setting up a hockey tournament where fans predict the next goal scorer, or a football league where the challenge lies in forecasting the game's MVP. Transitioning from the digital screen to the chessboard, Streakers allows enthusiasts to organize chess tournaments with unique twists, such as timed moves or player-specific challenges, blending strategy with sportsmanship in a whole new way.


Diving deeper into community sports, Streakers becomes the digital home for bowling and pickleball leagues, facilitating not just the organization of tournaments but also enhancing engagement through interactive score tracking and standings. This seamless integration empowers local communities, turning every match into an event and every participant into an engaged fan, all while fostering a sense of belonging and competition.

And for those looking to bring a modern twist to their gaming experience, Streakers embraces the latest trends with open arms. Darts, skeet ball, and axe-throwing find a new competitive edge on this platform. Bars and individuals alike can host their tournaments, creating "props" or “challenges” like "Will player X score a bullseye?" or "Can player Y win in under three throws?" These activities transform a regular game night into an epic battle for glory, making every throw, every roll, and every aim part of the thrilling narrative that is Streakers Gaming.


In this special four-page feature, we caught up with Craig to hear more about Streakers Gaming, how it works, and the impact of his innovative platform that’s taking the world by storm—one nail-biting, creative competition at a time. Spoiler Alert: He also shares a hilarious, personal story of a mini golf “battle.” Grab the popcorn, pull up a chair (and prepare to do the “Wave”).


A Conversation with Craig Weissenfels

What inspired you to start Streakers Gaming?

Co-founding Streakers Gaming was about rewriting the playbook of gaming. We pivoted from high-risk betting to an innovative, safe platform for strategic peer-to-peer competition. It's a game-changer, where skill and savvy are key, and every player has the potential to be a standout. This isn’t just gaming; it’s about fostering a community, where from backyard enthusiasts to major league fans, everyone is engaged. Streakers levels the playing field, encourages learning through play, and connects people in a meaningful way. It's this strategic vision of transforming sports and esports that positions Streakers not only as a leader in gaming innovation but also as a hub for community building and fan engagement.

The Streakers app is already feeling a whole lot of love from its sprawling community of players—from mini-golf to backyard competitions to athletes to sports fans. What makes Streakers so unique? How does it work? And who can use it?

Streakers stands out in the gaming world for its ground-breaking approach, blending the excitement of sports and esports with creative user empowerment. Here, it's not just about playing games; it's about crafting them. Our platform enables users, regardless of their gaming proficiency, to design their own sports scenarios, set rules, and engage in friendly competition. This unique feature is powered by advanced AI, ensuring a personalized and dynamic gaming experience for every user. Streakers is for everyone - from casual fans to hardcore gamers, and even businesses looking to connect with customers in innovative ways. It's a versatile, inclusive platform, redefining the gaming experience by putting control and creativity in the users' hands.

In the commerce space, the enthusiasm is growing with neighborhood bars, entertainment hubs, and organized sports leagues jumping on the Streakers app to nurture their own customer or even fan loyalty and attract newcomers to their venues. How are they using the Streakers app to increase their revenue and customers?

It's amazing to see the diverse range of local venues and businesses, from bars to entertainment centers and sports leagues, embracing Streakers. Imagine a typical Saturday where these places are transformed by the excitement of Streakers. Patrons aren’t just spectators anymore; they're active participants, engaging in their own sports challenges. This brings a whole new dynamic to these establishments, turning a regular visit into a vibrant, sports-centric experience. It’s not just about drawing a crowd; it’s about creating memorable experiences that keep people coming back. And for these businesses, it means more than just increased foot traffic; it's about fostering a sense of community around sports and esports, driving loyalty, and opening up new revenue opportunities. That's the kind of impact Streakers Gaming is having across the board.

Anyone can set up their own Streakers game, join other competitions, and play for free, which is fantastic! But people seem to love those Streakers “Coins.” What are these coins, how do they work, and how can people use them?

Streakers Coins are the currency of celebration and reward within Streakers Nation, central to our Play and Earn philosophy. Not only can these coins be earned through active participation and crafting viral content, but creators and leagues also have the unique opportunity to purchase Streaker Coins to incentivize their games. This feature allows them to offer tangible rewards, enhancing engagement and fostering a stronger sense of community. Participants can then collect these coins to redeem for a variety of prizes, creating a cycle of play, earn, and reward that benefits everyone involved. It's a dynamic way to ensure that everyone, from casual gamers to dedicated league organizers, finds value and recognition.

What is Debbie AI’s role, and how can people use her?

Debbie AI is the heart and soul of Streakers Gaming, serving as a mentor, coach, and ultimate challenger wrapped into one. She's there to elevate your gaming experience, offering personalized guidance, answering your burning questions, and challenging you in exhilarating one-on-one battles. Whether you're diving into esports, traditional sports, or crafting original games, Debbie's insights and challenges add depth and excitement to every aspect of Streakers Gaming. Debbie is your AI-powered companion of competition, learning, and community building.

Your story is truly inspiring, Craig. You’ve had a remarkably successful career filled with extraordinary accomplishments, overcoming every obstacle and challenge that threatened to derail you. What drives you?

I've always believed that self-belief and personal passion are incredibly powerful in this world. Regardless of one's starting point, with dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering determination, anything is possible. I was one the shortest athletes in my school, but I was absolutely determined, and won the Elementary Sports Award for Outstanding Athlete, which holds a special place in my heart. This experience instilled in me the importance of determination and perseverance, qualities that continue to drive my success to this day.

As a student, I was driven by a passion for hard work, the desire to innovate, and a commitment to excellence in business and innovation, and was rewarded with the General Electric Business Award in high school.

I really hope my story serves as an inspiration to those who may not have had all the privileges and opportunities. With hard work, discipline, and a commitment to staying true to your integrity and the meaning in your life, success is not only attainable but entirely possible.

Let’s end with your own recent—and hilarious—occasion playing mini-golf with the Streakers app. You caused quite an uproar among patrons, didn’t you?

Oh, the mini-golf evening with Streakers was an absolute riot! We were just testing some new features, and I decided to throw in a few wacky challenges. Picture this: every time someone scored a hole-in-one, the whole place erupted in cheers. It turned a regular game of mini golf into a hilarious and lively event. Friends were laughing, high-fiving, and really getting into the spirit of it. It wasn't just about the game; it was about the connections, the fun moments we shared. That day really summed up what Streakers Gaming is all about. Turning even the simplest sports into an unforgettable experience with your pal.


Craig Weissenfels

CEO/Co-Founder — Streakers Gaming Inc.

Facebook: @streakersgaming
Instagram: @streakersgaming

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