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Daniel Green

He rose from the ashes of homelessness to become a respected leader in the real estate industry with a growing list of accolades, including Top Executive of the Year for 2020-2021, and a reputation as a champion of Main Street Americans who is driven to lift up every man, woman, and child across the country. This is Daniel Green, founder and CEO of Green & Green Estates Inc., a small group of abandoned money professionals located in South Carolina. Their mission is simple yet life-changing—to get homeowners back their rightfully owed money. To the thousands of clients who Daniel has already helped to claim hundreds of thousands of dollars as their own, he is nothing short of an angel on Earth. “We’re not in this to get rich. We’re in this because we care about people. We are all our brothers’ and our sisters’ keepers, and I feel obligated, not only as a business leader but as a citizen, to lift people up and help them thrive.”

Daniel and his team of skilled professionals at Green & Green Estates specialize in delinquent taxes, overages, and foreclosures. Simply put—they get people their money back from the government. “Foreclosures have lingering effects on your credit score, long-term finances, employment, and the possibility of being a homeowner,” he states. “But what many people don't know is that after losing their property, they have the right to the profits the government made from it.” For some, this windfall could mean the difference between a brighter future or teetering on the precipice of a dark abyss. For Daniel, this is an issue that hits home—and hard—and he’s determined to protect others from a fate he knows all too well.

“When I was 20, I became homeless,” he shares. “But I didn’t let that stop me. I pursued my undergrad full time, and I walked three miles every day to study at the library.” And he did it all while working three part-time jobs. In circumstances in which most people would have given up, Daniel would let nothing stand in the way of achieving his dream of owning his own business. After obtaining his degree, he met a lawyer who introduced him to the issue of foreclosures. “I saw this as an opportunity to help people, especially those who are homeless and have lost everything, and I knew if I was going to help people who were in the situation I was once in, this was the way to do it,” he recalls. And for seven years, this is exactly what Daniel has done.

“The government is keeping hundreds of millions of dollars that belong to individual citizens who need it. People are living in tents all over the country, many of whom lost their homes to foreclosures and could have avoided that fate had the government given them the money that rightfully belonged to them,” Daniel explains. “We are driven to doing everything in our power to protect people from this fate by getting their money back.”

Daniel’s growing list of accolades includes the distinction of being named among the Top 100 Real Estate Moguls and inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who and Continental Who’s Who. He graduated magnum cum laude from Independence University with a degree in business management and accounting.

Daniel Green

CEO — Green & Green Estates, Inc.


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Instagram: @ree_uh_lahy

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