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Darrell Fertakos

Boundless Innovations and DreamLand Productions, founded by Darrell Fertakos, a three-time award winning social entrepreneur, prolific inventor, innovation scholar, consumer insight specialist, ideation and invention expert, continuously inspires the world to invent together without limits. Inspired by the Thomas Edison Papers and famous inventors, Boundless Innovations is now recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by


Darrell, a prolific designer of new products in thirty industries, was featured on The Jay Leno Tonight Show designing a similar product to what later became e-cigarettes (10/04) selected out of 4,200 for an invention award in The History Channel’s Modern Marvels InventNow Challenge (5/06), for the design of a mobile payment app prior to the App Store. Darrell also appeared on ABC’s American Inventor as NYC finalist inventing a smart airbag helmet (2007), and showcased on Discovery Channel’s PitchMen TV show with his smart AR glasses invention (4/09), prior to Fortune 100 companies.  Darrell’s one- of- a kind talents as an award-winning product developer are recognized by National Inventors Hall of Fame, Rothman Institute of Innovation, History Channel, NJ Tech Council, and globally.


In college, 2004 Darrell conducted an invention experiment hoping to break Thomas Edison’s peak year creativity record of 106 patent applications filed in 1882, to serve the public good. “With the help of mind-machines, I began to design 389 ideas for new products, TV shows, and ventures within days and after filed at patent office,” he explains. “During this experiment, I also designed similar products in part to what Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, ClubHouse, Square, Apple Pay and FitBit later became, even Smart Glasses and Web 3 innovations.” Darrell also shares he created similar TV show formats to what later became Shark Tank, America’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, The Profit, and 500X more product, business and TV show concepts “most facts verified by patent attorneys at CoffyLaw,” he adds.


To execute, Darrell reached out to Fortune 100 companies hoping for help to co-develop new products and TV shows. “I sadly encountered ‘no unsolicited idea’ polices that made it near impossible to share my ideas and talents with companies who could have benefited the most,” he says.


As a positive change catalyst inspired by Harvard’s open innovation research, which teaches companies grow more when working with inventors to co-develop and market new products, Darrell built one of the first open innovation social networks, and, he explains, “co-created hit TV show PitchMen” to help inventors. “These ideas, upon co-execution, helped inventors commercialize new products, resulting in awards won, patents granted, millions of new product units sold and billions in sales results on TV, online, and in retail,” he adds. Darrell also aided in the design and marketing of bestselling consumer products and helped local inventor of Clamp Champion become a top seller on QVC three years in a row. “Companies can acquire, license, invest, or hire as a proven innovator who believes in win-win deals and a collaborative innovation process to develop the best new products and TV shows possible, to serve the world. So contact us today!”


Darrell Fertakos

Founder of Boundless Innovations and DreamLand Productions


Phone: 973-723-1628

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