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Dave Hernandez, PE, CEM, GBE, CESCP, CM&AI


Dave Hernandez is a respected leader and sought-after expert in the nation’s power and energy sector. A senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), he got his start in the industry while interning at a utility company during college. After graduating with his degree in electrical engineering, he took on a mid-level position. When the 2008 financial crisis took hold, Dave relocated to Cincinnati and joined Siemens, where his engineering career flourished, and he became a product expert in motors and generators. It was also when he acquired his master’s in electrical engineering, obtained his first engineering license, and started looking at a more consultative approach to business. After seven years, he moved on to Honeywell Intelligrated, where he served as the firm’s first power engineer.


As he powered along in his career, Dave realized the importance of licensure, since an engineer can only offer services in the state they are licensed in, so while working at Honeywell, he obtained an additional 36 licenses. “I started collecting them because I saw a shift in the industry,” he says. “I knew if I could work anywhere, I could open more doors.” He also knew it was time to move forward again, and, in 2015, Dave founded his consulting firm, DCH Global LLC, which focuses on the power and energy sector. While running that company, he took on other leadership positions, including CEO, COO, and VP of engineering, at Electrical Power & Safety Co., his former client. He also recently co-founded Arc Flash Brokerage LLC, a consultancy to serve the electrical safety industry. Today, Dave has licenses in all 50 states, as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico.


We sat down with Dave to find out more about his two companies, his involvement with IEEE, and the charitable work he is involved with.


Tell us a little about your background and what motivates you.


I grew up in South Florida and come from a Cuban immigrant family. I didn’t come from money, so I had to work hard to get where I am today. My mission statement is “fearlessly empowering others to solve challenges,” which makes me get up in the morning; I like to encourage others.


In addition to your myriad licenses, what else sets you apart from other engineers?


I am an engineer that understands business – an entrepreneurial spirit while being a technical expert. I know how things work on both ends of the spectrum. Also, I take on professional liability for everything my companies take on in every state.


Tell us more about DCH Global and the services it provides.


At DCH, we can do any type of consulting for power systems, specifically the solar and materials handling sectors, including the Amazon and Walmart facilities of the world. I am contracted to consult on anything they need regarding electrical permitting and review solar plans daily. Some accounting firms are getting into energy audits, so we are involved with that and electric vehicle charging stations—all vertical markets. We provide mobility for all of our clients, since we are a one-stop shop with copious licensure, our clients do not have to go to dozens of licensed engineers; they only need us.


How is Arc Flash Brokerage unique?


We address all the problems in this industry concerning electrical safety. Many contractors who perform arc flash engineering are usually unlicensed. I, however, am licensed and this is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The goal of our company is to educate clients on what is required for power system analysis. The other part is we’re not competing against any contractors; we’re elevating the entire industry and broker the work. We enhance the vendor-client experience by providing the right contractor for the client’s field work, so it is compatible.


Tell us about your involvement with IEEE.


Becoming an IEEE senior member takes many years of commitment and hard work, and being selected for this was very humbling for me. My other leadership positions include chair of the Cincinnati Joint Chapter; secretary-treasurer of the Cincinnati Section; treasurer of the PES Membership Development Committee; constituent of the IEEE 1584 Arc Flash Working Group; and member of the IAS Electrical Safety Committee.


DCH Global is also committed to charitable work. Will you share some of your activities in this regard?


We provide monthly charitable donations to nonprofit companies empowering African women to free themselves from financial slavery and misogyny. We partnered up with an organization that helps women create three revenue streams to become independent in third-world countries.


Dave Hernandez, PE, CEM, GBE, CESCP, CM&AI

Founder & CEO — DCH Global LLC; Co-Founder & Partner – Arc Flash Brokerage LLC



Facebook: Dave Hernandez


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