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David appears in the Top 100

People in Finance Magazine

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David Hanegraaf

David Hanegraaf’s years of dedication in the technology and finance sectors have earned him a spot on Analytics Insight Magazine’s list of The 10 Most Influential Tech Leaders of 2021 in addition to being featured in The Top 100 in Finance Magazine 2021. David is also excited to have recently begun participating on judging panels alongside executives from the UN, MIT and Sony for technology & innovation hackathons hosted by the United Nations operational arm UNOPS.


David is currently balancing multiple roles in international leadership positions including head of capital markets for TheXchange (Gibraltar), CFO of Dragonfly Mining (Canada), a director of Great Eastern Gold (Australia), and managing director at Feature Capital Partners (Hong Kong). David is coordinating two of these firm’s anticipated listings on North American stock exchanges, and currently splits his time between his home on Vancouver Island, Canada, and Cape Town, South Africa, where he is leading the charge to make TurnCoinTM one of the first SEC-compliant digital securities to complete a primary issuance in the U.S.


TurnCoin are the Ethereum-based revenue-sharing digital securities of TheXchange. When describing TheXchange, David likens it to a NASDAQ, but for people. Rather than listing companies, TheXchange allows talented individuals to create VirtualStaXTM Cards of themselves and sell them on its StaX platform. According to David, “TheXchange is potentially one of the most powerful new tech platforms in the world at present. Why? Because it has the functionality to potentially help millions of people around the world to raise funds to follow their dreams and support their success.”


Through his role at TheXchange David finds himself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital securities landscape. “As someone who has invested in many privately held companies and also participated in traditional public listings on North American and European stock exchanges, I can tell you there is literally no comparison to the efficiency, transparency, and versatility of digital securities,” he says. “Traditional equities represent fractional ownership of a company. Digital securities can represent fractional ownership in any asset: real estate, VC funds, commodities, companies, pretty much anything you can think of.” David believes digital securities are the future of capital markets and will level the playing field by allowing the average “main street” investor to gain access to investments that were previously the exclusive domain of the wealthy.


As for the future, David feels privileged to be part of a small team launching a specialized early to mid-stage $500m tech fund using a unique collaboration with United Nations agencies. This fund will have access to completely new deal flow emerging from a well-established global network of technology & innovation centers. The stated mandate of these tech centers is to identify and develop the best technologies in the world that meet the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The fund will be targeting key problems faced by humankind today such as poverty, hunger, climate change, and access to safe drinking water and sanitation.


David emphasizes that teamwork and collaboration have been the key to his success. “Surround yourself with the best people you can – with integrity at the top of the list, and the rest will follow.” - David Hanegraaf



David Hanegraaf



Instagram: dave_hanegraaf999

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