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David York


David York, managing partner at Intrepidus Talent Solutions, orchestrates a symphony of operational excellence. With a career spanning over 25 years, his collective experience in search and recruitment, interim staffing, and human resources consulting has paved the path to mastery.


A common thread that weaves through David’s journey is a consistent alignment with industry pinnacles, fortifying his status as a catalyst for excellence. His ascendancy within the talent acquisition and human resources space has seen him traverse many different industries. From steering the helm at esteemed giants like PwC and KPMG in the professional services realm, to carving a niche in aerospace and defense, his acumen has consistently propelled organizations forward. Notably, as the global head of recruiting for Creative Artists Agency, he strategized alongside executive luminaries to amplify the agency's influence in the entertainment domain, and a subsequent sojourn at Amazon witnessed David's ascendancy in the advertising technology landscape.


Intrepidus Talent Solutions was co-founded by David and his partner, Rodney Stigall, to offer holistic human capital solutions, from team augmentation to interim support and expert advisory in multifaceted HR domains. Their strategic focus on IT, engineering, finance, accounting, project management, and HR underscores their industry-agnostic stance, and with dual offices in Melbourne, FL, and Los Angeles, CA, they have assisted a multitude of clients in North America.


David's academic pedigree, boasting a BA in business economics from UCLA, a master's in human resources and organization development from the University of San Francisco, and a Workplace Diversity Certificate from the University of South Florida, mirrors his relentless pursuit of knowledge. As a driving force behind Intrepidus Talent Solutions, his legacy continues to reshape the contours of contemporary talent ecosystems.


David York
Managing Partner
Intrepidus Talent Solutions


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