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Deep Kalina

Deep Kalina is an award-winning visionary and prolific leader with the heart of an entrepreneur and the soul of an innovator. Deep has dedicated the last 16 years to helping businesses grow, develop, and reach their ultimate potential with game-changing digital products and applications. He’s been the primary inventor on eight patents and has served as CTO for companies such as Ampology, Kazzam, and Hum by Verizon Telematics, and his products have received some of the highest accolades in the industry. He is also the founder and CEO of IntuitoLabs.

In the telematics space, he developed In-Drive, which received the Stevie Award for Tech Innovation of the Year and has since been named the Best Aftermarket Device and Solution. He worked on the founding team that created Hum by Verizon, which won the Stevie Award for Excellence in Consumer Electronics at the 2017 American Business Awards.

In 2019, he launched the Atlanta-based full-service agency IntuitioLabs, to help companies large and small bring ideas to market. IntuitioLabs specializes in strategy, design, development, and performance marketing to solve business challenges and build great digital products. Deep’s global team of over 80 strategists, designers, architects, developers, and marketers have garnered a reputation for its ability to effortlessly fuse together technological, analytical, and creative components to deliver show-stopping solutions for their clients.

With services including branding, product design, product development and performance marketing, IntuitoLabs has helped startups and enterprises across North America, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom launch nearly two dozen products geared toward consumers in a span of just three years. Their growing number of clients range from independent entrepreneurs to small businesses to a dominant digital music distribution enterprise and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods.

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, Deep’s unparalleled passion and inquisitive spirit are the building blocks upon which the company was cultivated. As he manages the rapid growth of a company on rise, he remains committed to maintaining a culture that champions inclusiveness, diversity of thought, and a global perspective with an unwavering dedication to the client and end-customer experience.

We sat down with Deep to learn more about his thriving enterprise, his commitment to giving back, and how he and his team are playing a crucial role in the success of startups across the globe.

What compelled you to start IntuitioLabs?

My background is in startups, building businesses, and private equity. The framework was really building a company that lives at the intersection of purpose, expertise, and opportunity. In the United States, there continues to be a rapid growth in technology-based startups but not enough talent to support this growth. Nearshoring and offshoring companies have been successful in delivering value to enterprises but have missed the mark in delivering similar value for startups and small and medium businesses. As an entrepreneur, myself, I wanted to use my experience and expertise to address this. This led me to start IntuitioLabs, which provides the value that comes with using non-US talent but, more importantly, a team that has deep experience in rapid digital product development for startups.

Besides addressing the market need for experienced product development teams, applying our skills to help give back to our communities is something that’s important to me. So I wanted Intuitiolabs to be a for-profit company with a purpose. We give back an equivalent of 10% of our revenue in time to nonprofit endeavors—hunger and education. I’m on the board of Second Helpings Atlanta and work as technology advisor to Kadam Foundation in India. Through my time and my team's time to these causes, we have exceeded our giving back goal every year.

Tell us a bit more about what your company does.

At the core, we take ideas to market. Everything from designing, building, launching, scaling —we can handle any part of the product lifecycle. We work with startups and larger enterprises to help bring their innovations to market and, due to our global teams, we can deliver all of these services at very compelling price points. Tightening budgets, growing inflation, and change in company mindset of needing co-located teams for building good products have all fueled our rapid growth in the past three years. We’re making the product and technology expertise and skills that startups and businesses absolutely need to succeed accessible. Clients come to us with ideas and/or problems that they need help building or solving. We look at the various aspects of the need including the why, what and the how. We take all of that into consideration and develop the strategy, technology, and design to create a finished product to bring to the marketplace.

What do you enjoy most about your work? What drives you?

Solving problems and learning. For me, it’s building tangible things that real people use to solve everyday problems. That’s what excites me. As an individual, investing my time and energy into giving back to the community also drives me. I am of the opinion that profit without purpose, capitalism without a consciousness, does not lead to a fulfilling life.

Deep holds a master’s in electrical engineering from Clemson University. Over the course of his career, he’s launched and scaled multiple products for a host of companies including Verizon Wireless’ first UBI and aftermarket telematics product across the United States, a digital party planning platform in partnership with Party City, the largest user-based insurance product and service domestically, and the first aftermarket telematics solution and business. He is the primary inventor of 9 US patents, with over 25 US and international citations of his work.

Deep Kalina

Founder & CEO — Intuitio Labs


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