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Diana appears in the Top 100
Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Diana Morales

Diana Morales, the CEO/founder of Mini Whales, is a visionary leader in the realm of Web3 empowerment. With a background steeped in risk management and a portfolio adorned with accolades from prestigious platforms like Sotheby's, Coin Desk, and Forbes, Diana brings over 17 years of experience to her role.

Following the loss of her husband, an artist, Diana embarked on a journey into the world of digital art and cryptocurrency. This exploration not only became a tribute to her late husband, but also ignited a passion for empowering women, particularly those facing financial challenges. As a first-generation Latina, Diana understands the hurdles women encounter in achieving financial independence, and she saw Web3 as a means to address this disparity.

Mini Whales, under Diana's leadership, has emerged as a beacon of opportunity in the Web3 landscape. It's a social gaming ecosystem designed to simplify access to cryptocurrency and connect individuals with top Web3 experts. Recognizing the barriers hindering mainstream adoption, Diana and her team devised a gamified platform to demystify cryptocurrency, making it accessible and engaging.

Their platform tackles the complexities of Web3, addresses security concerns, and enhances comprehension through gamification. By fostering trust, accessibility, and opportunity, Mini Whales not only facilitates the adoption of cryptocurrency, but also supports creators and brands in building their presence in the digital economy.


Diana Morales
Founder and CEO
Mini Whales

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