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Dominic Garduño


Dominic appears in the 
Top 100 Attorneys Magazine

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Dominic Garduño

After graduating from the Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School, where he was named Best All-Around Advocate on his record setting mock trial team, Dominic Garduño joined Garza Law Firm. He quickly became licensed in Tennessee, Kentucky, and the U.S. District Court of the Eastern Section of Tennessee. In just his first year with the firm, he’s worked with some of the top criminal defense attorneys in East Tennessee. He has also established impactful relationships with the courts and gained the trust of clients, thanks to his personal and dedicated approach.


Garza Law Firm specializes in DUI and criminal defense, as well as personal injury and social security disability. As a result of their diligence, knowledge, and family-oriented approach to client service, the firm has earned a reputation for being both trustworthy and effective; Dominic embodies those same values.


Trained in DWI detection and standardized field sobriety testing, Dominic focuses on DUI and Second Amendment cases. “I don’t think people should be defined by, or have their livelihoods threatened, because of one mistake. In Tennessee, DUIs stay on their record forever and the consequences are severe, even for first-time offenders,” he says. Dominic also helps people navigate Tennessee’s recently updated gun and constitutional carry laws, keeping citizens safe and within the legal parameters. “There’s a fine line between lawfully defending yourself and aggravated assault, and I inform people on the difference between the two,” he explains.


Dominic got into this specific field of law because helping people is at the very core of his being, and his practice allows him to do that. “I’m not interested in working for the government or corporations,” he says. “I’m interested in working with, and on behalf of, the people. That’s what drives me every day.”


Dominic Garduño

Attorney — Garza Law Firm





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