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Don Kellar

Don Kellar is a professional geologist—licensed in California, Florida, and Texas—as well as a general A and well drilling contractor. He specializes in green energy and sustainability consulting; assessment and remediation of environmentally contaminated sites; hazardous waste management and compliance; and engineering and seismic assessments. Over the course of his 20-year career, Don has been directly involved with the assessment, remediation, and closure of hundreds of locations and has personally conducted environmental due diligence on over 10,000 properties throughout the United States and Canada—totaling over billions of dollars in real estate transactions. As the CEO, national client manager, and professional geologist of Fulcrum Resources Environmental, Inc. (Frenviro), he leads a growing team of experts who provide clients with trustworthy and cost-efficient methods as well as quality and timely delivery. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Frenviro is a full-service environmental, engineering, and energy consulting firm, which has emerged through both the Great Recession of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the nation's leading environmental business enterprises.  


Frenviro was co-founded in 2007 by Don and his wife, Ling Cao, who built the women- and minority-owned business organically from the ground up. Committed to the ever-changing climate crisis, the firm offers nationwide coverage and specializes in performing environmental and engineering due diligence for real estate transactions, surface and subsurface assessment, and remediation of environmental contamination. When dealing with environmental contamination, team members assist a variety of clients—investors, attorneys, small business owners, lenders, and brokers—from initial due diligence to identifying any problems before they invest in properties. “If there’s an issue found during the discovery phase, we initiate the exploratory phase—the actual collection of data for determining if a human-health issue is present, or the market value of the property is subject to liability. Then, if that data reveals a problem, we go into the remediation phase,” Don explains. “We underwrite the risk and liability exposure, which aids potential investors in determining if they’re making good investments.” Frenviro’s goal is to help solve environmental issues so that property owners not only make a profit, but also protect the environment.


When providing green energy and sustainability consulting, Don and his team perform energy audits and energy benchmarking to assist clients with obtaining a green loan—essentially energy retrofitting buildings to help save money as well as the environment. “We’re doing our part to assist with energy savings and climate change, and we strongly believe that it starts at the micro level—one property at a time,” he says.


With a lifelong passion for environmental science, Don started his career as a project manager as well as health and safety officer, managing field activities on sites throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. He then went on to manage the sites of 28 gas stations, successfully working with regulatory agencies to meet cleanup criteria. Don also conducted environmental and engineering due-diligence inspections on thousands of sites, including commercial, multifamily, light and heavy industrial, and special-use facilities throughout the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and Canada. Today, he is a member of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, the U.S. Green Building Council, ASTM, SIOR, and the Environmental Bankers Association.

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Don is not only a successful entrepreneur, but he is also a successful musician. He has already recorded six albums and is currently working on a seventh album with his eight-year-old son—who is an aspiring up and coming drummer. Even as an artist, his entrepreneurial spirit shines through, as



Don Kellar

CEO, National Client Manager, Senior Geologist

Fulcrum Resources Environmental, Inc. (Frenviro)


Twitter: @wreckonomicks, @FREnvironmental

Instagram: @wreckonomicks. @fulcrumresources

LinkedIn: @DonKellar

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