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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Donald Dawes


With over 25 years of experience in finance, Donald Dawes is a mentor, a coach, a consultant, and an author. Specializing in private equity loans and real estate investing, he is also an innovative champion of others who has encouraged countless young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. “Ultimately, I’ve come to realize that change is good, and it makes us more courageous and resilient,” he states. “It’s taught me to trust in others, value what things are worth, and it’s encouraged me to explore the capabilities within me. Change has also graced me with the opportunity to help others through the mastery of experiences.”


Over the course of his career, Donald has attended multiple seminars, including those of industry giants Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. He’s crossed paths with numerous entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and notable names including George Bush Sr., Mike Wolf, Darren Weeks of FastTrack, Robert Kiyosaki, Raymond Aaron, and the late Bill Bartmann. He also attended lectures from three of the most widely read inspirational and self-help authors globally, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, and Og Mandino. “Just imagine what you could learn from all these people combined. It is truly remarkable, and I just love the idea of exploring new concepts, challenges, and destinations,” Donald says.


After retiring from Air Canada, where he worked in logistics and clerical accounting, Donald went on to become a senior partner at the Worldwide Expedition for Peace and Truth Project, Inc. “I am a huge proponent of positive change, and I believe it teaches us to be more innovative when we hit crisis. It also helps us gain the courage to speak out and force ourselves out of the proverbial box,” he explains. Donald has also served as the founding partner of Canadian-based Now Network Join Ventures. The recipient of Top Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales Awards in telemarketing, he co-authored the publication Secrets of Wealth Vol. 4, alongside Brian Tracy. Donald's journey is a true testament to the power of positive thinking and harnessing the infinite human potential. He has proven that with hard work, dedication, and a strong desire to succeed, anything is possible. His mantra: “The life of your dreams is on the other side of comfort and fear, so persevere!”


Donald Dawes




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