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Dr. David T. Glover

Dr. David T. Glover, the owner of E.A.A. Quality Food Solutions LLC, is a foremost authority on food safety. With a career spanning over 15 years, he commenced his professional journey in academia, where his pioneering research efforts yielded multiple international patents and culminated in a pharmaceutical licensing agreement. Specializing in bacterial pathogenesis and vaccine antigen characterization research, his contributions left an indelible mark on the scientific community. Moreover, he served as an academic instructor, nurturing the minds of the next generation of scientists and imparting invaluable knowledge garnered from his research endeavors.

Transitioning from academia to regulatory oversight, Dr. Glover assumed the role of a consumer safety officer at the Food and Drug Administration's Atlanta District Office. During his five-year tenure, he underwent rigorous training and certification across a myriad of FDA regulatory domains, conducting over 130 FDA establishment inspections. This period of regulatory service equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of FDA regulations, further enhancing his expertise in the field of food safety. Harnessing his regulatory proficiency, Dr. Glover then transitioned to the private sector, assuming pivotal roles as a quality and sanitation manager across various food manufacturing facilities.


Throughout his career, Dr. Glover has cultivated a robust leadership network within his former workplaces, where he mentored, trained, and promoted individuals, providing ongoing support and guidance as they advanced in their careers. His qualifications include a Ph.D. in microbiology (the University of Alabama at Birmingham) and a B.S. in biology (Morehouse College). He is a certified Lead Auditor, specializing in the Safe Quality Food (SQF) food safety scheme. Additionally, he possesses certifications across various FDA and USDA-regulated domains, including dietary supplements, bakery and snack foods, feed mills, seafood, meat processing, drink and beverage manufacturing, cereals and grains, and shell eggs.

Now, driven by a dual passion for leveraging his expertise and fostering a lasting legacy for his children, he is adding ‘entrepreneur’ to his impressive résumé. “The decision to establish my own company stemmed from two primary motivations. Firstly, having spent significant time in the industry, I witnessed instances where individuals less qualified than myself were promoted over me and subsequently required my guidance and training. This experience compelled me to forge my own path. Secondly, I wanted to provide my children with an opportunity to potentially lead the company in the future, should they choose to do so.”

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, E.A.A. Quality Food Solutions LLC specializes in quality and sanitation systems implementation and development, complemented by microbiological remediation and mitigation strategies. Embracing a client-centric ethos, E.A.A. Quality Food Solutions caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from small startups to established enterprises.

Employing a bespoke approach, E.A.A. Quality Food Solutions LLC crafts tailored solutions to address the unique needs and financial constraints of each client. Anchored by Dr. Glover’s 3-P approach—Policy, Procedure, Paperwork—they endeavor to elevate food safety systems to industry pinnacles, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and fostering a culture of excellence within the food manufacturing sector.



Dr. David T. Glover


E.A.A. Quality Food Solutions LLC


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