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Dr. Dee Soder

In the realm of executive advisement, Dr. Dee Soder stands as an unparalleled luminary, leaving an indelible mark on both individuals and corporations over her decades-long career. Renowned as the founder of the CEO Perspective Group, Dee's influence extends far beyond the boardrooms, earning her accolades in esteemed publications like the Wall Street Journal and Fortune, as well as popular media such as CNN and CBS MarketWatch.


Establishing her company in 1986, Dee embarked on a transformative journey that harmonized psychology and business strategy, an innovative approach that was conspicuously absent at the time. Partnering with luminaries like CEO, Richard Clarke, and trailblazing political figure, Geraldine Ferraro, her brainchild soon grew into a sanctuary for executives seeking astute counsel. Her strategic collaborations with industry experts ensured clients received counsel of the highest echelon.


Championing a modus operandi fueled by the fusion of psychological insight and strategic acumen, Dee is more than an executive coach; she's an assessor extraordinaire. With a background steeped in psychometrics and forensic psychology, her assessment methodologies lay the bedrock for profound coaching interventions. Having guided clients from across the globe, her clientele spans industries, continents, and cultures. Confidentiality, objectivity, and a nonjudgmental stance hallmark her service, rendering CEO Perspective Group a place for leaders to excel. From her iconic Rockefeller Center tenure to modern-day virtual collaborations, Dee's reach remains boundless.


Dee's educational trajectory spans postdoctoral honors in assessment and forensic psychology, a PhD and MS in industrial psychology, and a distinguished BS. An American Psychological Association Lifetime Member, Dee is not just an advisor; she's an architect of ascendancy.


Dr. Dee Soder
CEO Perspective Group


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