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Dr. James Strader, D.C.

Dr. James Strader, D.C. , like many other people, contracted COVID-19 in 2020, leading to a three-week hospital stay with a collapsed lung. He recovered, but experienced the long-term effects, and he knew others were facing the same issues. But the pandemic created a bigger problem. During the two years that COVID took center stage and doctors struggled to manage the influx of patients afflicted with the virus, many people avoided seeking regular medical care. Now, with patients returning to health care providers, doctors are once again inundated, but they’re now faced with incomplete medical records. With an extensive medical background that includes over 100 patents in immunology, biosecurity, and electronic communications, James created BioSecure 360, a tech company ensuring a more comprehensive approach to health and research. He also created Avrio, a fertility-focused company performing embryonic research in response to flagging fertility rates linked to the pandemic. Lastly, he is a founder of Shot Free Allergy which makes use of some of his innovative patents regarding needless allergy immunizations.


James’s empathy is the driving force of these endeavors, from his work doubling the reach of the allergy industry in just five years to reducing the devastating effects of opioid use. “I’ve personally suffered from every problem we’re trying to help,” he says. “I created these companies to solve problems other medical professionals couldn’t.”


We sat down with James to get a glimpse of his incredible career and how he’s helping millions get better, safer, and more complete health care.


What inspired the creation of BioSecure, and how is it helping both doctors and patients in the wake of the pandemic?


During the pandemic, people stopped visiting doctors, so there’s a two-year gap in electronic health records, which is a real problem. People missed necessary screenings and care, and those who got COVID had subsequent health issues their doctors didn’t know about. Doctors are now just getting back to seeing patients and are completely inundated, but they don’t have time to do thorough evaluations of what’s happened medically to their patients over the past two years. That’s where BioSecure steps in. BioSecure helps them identify overlooked patients and catch them up with proper testing and updated treatment. It’s all done electronically and integrates with existing records for a complete picture. It will also help COVID research on how it affects the body long term.


Tell us a little bit about your other company, Avrio Genetics.


Avrio Genetics focuses on fertility, an issue that COVID has exacerbated significantly. Avrio does everything, from genetics to stem cells and help with fertility, as well as diagnosing and treating long-haul COVID fertility issues. We work with fertility physicians to advance diagnostics and treatment protocols to increase fertility rates. Stem cells are also used to treat fibrosis in lungs, something seen in COVID patients. Avrio Genetics also is helping to advance several of his patents including allergy immunotherapy systems and partners with a sister company called Shot Free Allergy.  Shot Free Allergy manages the back-office systems and implementations into medical practices on behalf of Avrio Genetics.


You have a wealth of experience leading medical startups and working with the government on critical health issues. Tell us a little bit about your background in these areas.


I’ll be happy to. I’ve been a CEO in medical startups for years, including United Allergy, which became the country’s largest immunotherapy services company, with over 1,000 locations opened in four years. It led to my inventing the first needleless allergy “shot,” a topical cream, and putting allergy treatments into primary care to reach the over 60 million people who need it, so this improves lives significantly. I also worked at the White House as an advisor on the opioid crisis, which was also something that affected me personally as several people I know have suffered from many of the addiction issues associated with opioids. Like with the allergy treatment, I looked into topically applied medicines that could treat pain without damaging organs or leading to dependency and resulted in a 40% reduction of chronic opioid use while still allowing people to control their pain.


This work has also led to many other patents. Can you tell us about some of them?


Most are in allergy and immunotherapy, but others are in electronic communications. They include the first needleless allergy shot, and the use of DNA to identify and create immunotherapies. I also created a communications network to train pharmacists to administer the allergy shots in a uniform way. I lost my sense of smell during COVID, so I created an all-in-one hand sanitizer and smell-test. Since most people lose their sense of smell before even testing positive, this allows people to know if they’re exposed earlier. It was used in several underserved markets.


What’s the best part about your job? What drives you?


I’m inspired by issues that have affected me and my family directly. I like seeing a problem and applying my knowledge, medical skills, and innovations to help people and bring a solution to market quickly. I’m able to fund early stages with my own money, which accelerates the process. If I see a problem, I can solve it.


Dr. James Strader, D.C.

CEO — BioSecure 360
Owner & Advisor — Avrio


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