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Dr. Jeremy Graves

Dr. Jeremy Graves, the founder and CEO of JGG Coaching & Consulting, stands as a model of expertise in leadership development, with a profound passion for guiding individuals and organizations toward growth and transformation.

Based in Boise, Idaho, JGG Coaching & Consulting has emerged as a leading firm in leadership development since its inception in 2015. Under Jeremy's visionary leadership, the company has served clients nationwide, offering tailored solutions to enhance leadership effectiveness, foster teamwork, and promote individual and organizational growth.

Specializing in various leadership styles, including servant and intergenerational leadership, Jeremy's journey toward becoming a renowned expert in leadership began with a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies emphasizing leadership and human relations. He continued to expand his knowledge with a master's in theological studies focusing on strategy and strategic thinking, followed by a doctorate in transformational leadership.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has held pivotal roles in esteemed institutions such as director of professional and continuing education at Boise State University and executive director positions at organizations like CATCH, IMPACT Training Center, and Community Family Shelter. Further, his contributions to the field of leadership have been widely recognized, with his insights featured in prestigious publications such as HR.Com. His cover article in February 2020 on 4 Things I Hear from Millennials on Leadership and his thought-provoking analysis on engaging multigenerational workforces in the July 2021 issue of Talent Management attest to his thought leadership and influence.

Jeremy's expertise extends beyond traditional leadership development approaches. Leveraging assessments such as DISC, driving forces, Tri-DNA, emotional intelligence, and the Working Genius, he facilitates self-awareness and collaboration among individuals and teams.


As an authoritative voice in change leadership, Jeremy has authored three groundbreaking books that have reshaped the discourse on leadership and organizational transformation. His first book, Leading Across Generations, published in 2018, explores the challenges and opportunities presented by diverse age groups in the workforce, offering practical insights for fostering cohesion and synergy. In 2023, Jeremy introduced his second book, The Leader Paradox, which presents a comprehensive model of servant leadership derived from his extensive research and practical experience. This seminal work has provided leaders with a roadmap for navigating complex organizational landscapes while prioritizing empathy, empowerment, and service.

Jeremy's forthcoming book, Change Leadership, slated for release in 2024, promises to revolutionize approaches to organizational change. Drawing on his deep understanding of change dynamics, Jeremy offers innovative tools, including (among many others), his groundbreaking SHARE model: Shape the conversation through a processing place, Hear what people are really saying, Adapt to the new reality, show Resiliency, and Explore them together.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to catalyzing positive change, Jeremy Graves continues to leave an indelible imprint in the realm of leadership and organizational transformation. Through his visionary leadership and innovative approaches, he remains steadfast in his mission to empower leaders and usher in a new era of organizational excellence.


Dr. Jeremy Graves
Founder and CEO
JGG Coaching & Consulting

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