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Dr. Belsher appears in the Top 100
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Dr. Jon Belsher, MD

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare innovation, Jon Belsher, MD, stands as a pillar of support, guidance, and expertise. As the CEO and founder of Visura - Envisioning Tomorrow's Healthcare Today, Dr. Belsher embodies medical skill and entrepreneurial acumen - a combination that is reshaping the contours of healthcare.

Over the years, Dr. Belsher's impact has been felt across the healthcare landscape, influencing the lives of dozens of CEOs and founders. His range of expertise spans strategic advisement, clinical consultancy, market entry representation, and fractional executive roles - and he brings to all these a relentless commitment to excellence and innovation. His achievements have won many accolades, yet Dr. Belsher remains grounded in his passion for teaching and mentorship. Whether in the storied halls of the Mayo Clinic or the boardrooms of burgeoning startups, his greatest joy lies in lifting up others and seeing them rise to their full potential. For Dr. Belsher, success is measured not merely in profits or professional recognition, but also in the impact he has on the lives of those around him. For such a leader, bringing Visura from concept to reality was simply a natural progression.

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Visura emerged in 2024 with a clear objective: to equip CEOs and founders in the MedTech and HealthTech fields with unmatched insights and assistance. With more than three decades of healthcare expertise, backed by a highly skilled team, Dr. Belsher is superbly equipped for the task.

Trained at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Belsher became a triple-boarded physician after mastering the intricacies of family medicine, internal medicine, and critical care. His service as an Air National Guard F-16 flight surgeon, including a top leadership role in the nation's largest Guard medical group, gave him a unique vantage point at the intersection of healthcare and military service. Driven by a limitless thirst for knowledge and impact, Dr. Belsher further sharpened his expertise through executive programs at Harvard Business School and Fresenius Medical Care, adding to his strengths as a leader in both clinical and business domains. His approach transcends traditional consultancy, offering a profound commitment to long-term partnerships and shared success.

Dr. Belsher’s wife, Jennifer, enriches the company's capabilities with her impressive skillset as a communications specialist and business manager. This formidable duo, the perfect blend of wisdom and practical experience, highlights Visura’s commitment to bridging the gap between clinical utility and business viability. Whether surmounting regulatory obstacles, navigating entry into healthcare systems, strategizing market approaches, or facilitating capital acquisition, Visura stands as a steady, reliable partner for healthcare visionaries seeking to master diverse challenges—while always gaining, and keeping, the trust of patients and consumers.


Dr. Jon Belsher, MD

Founder and CEO

Visura - Envisioning Tomorrow's Healthcare Today


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