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Dr. Ramcharran appears in the Top 100 

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Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran

Dr. Ram Ramcharran, co-founder and chief technology officer of Gold Star Innovators Inc., has dedicated two decades of his career to the field of medicine, specializing in behavioral and weight management. His journey towards co-founding Gold Star Innovators Inc., a non-alcoholic beverage and Cannabis company, was born out of a profound desire to contribute positively to people's well-being and to explore innovation in the beverage sector.


In June 2016, Dr. Ramcharran, in collaboration with Dr. Sadhana Shah, embarked on a visionary quest. They aspired to craft a world-class, craft vodka that not only delighted the taste buds, but also featured a distinctive ingredient: cannabis. The result was Nirvana Spirits Vodka and Gin. Dr. Ramcharran and Dr. Shah invested years in refining their formulations, prioritizing an unwavering commitment to quality over the constraints of time and cost. This dedication ultimately culminated in the realization of Dr. Ramcharran's visionary concept. Their Nirvana Brand Vodka and Gin are distributed across 12 states, including Florida, California, Texas, New York, and New Jersey, and are readily available in numerous retail outlets, such as Total Wines.


Gold Star Innovators Manufacturing Inc. distinguishes itself as a non-alcoholic beverage company committed to crafting exceptional products that can be enjoyed with or without cannabis infusion, catering to the beverage market's diverse needs. The company is steadily expanding its reach in the recreational and commercial space, while concurrently collaborating with the medical community to provide versatile products that doctors can integrate into patient care through prescriptions that will be sold in the dispensaries.


One of Gold Star Innovators Inc's notable achievements is the introduction of Sober Beverage , a line of non-alcoholic spirits featuring a unique array of flavors, including Irish Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, and Canadian whiskies, vodkas, rums, tequilas, and more. Leveraging proprietary technology, the company has successfully replicated the authentic taste profiles of alcoholic beverages, a feat they take immense pride in. Recognizing the shifting preferences of younger consumers towards cannabis for recreational use, Gold Star Innovators Inc. utilized their  groundbreaking non-alcoholic profile, along with their Amrit Technology that ensures efficient, controlled absorption and precise dosing of active ingredients like Hemp, D8, D9 and Terpenes. They created  the ‘Cannabahol’ market space and continue to dominate it by continually adding to their unique beverage line.


In an industry where replicating the flavor profile of alcohol remains a formidable challenge, Gold Star Innovators Inc. has successfully accomplished this feat. Their non-alcoholic spirits are offered with or without cannabis infusion, providing a versatile range of options to consumers. Of particular significance is the creation of the Nirvana Spirit G and Vodka line, an inspirational milestone that has catalyzed the development of various other products in recent years.


Dr. Ram Ramcharran's relentless commitment to product excellence and innovation at Gold Star Innovators Inc. underscores his vital role as CTO in shaping the company's success. His dual PhD background reinforces his dedication to pioneering advancements in the beverage industry, ensuring Gold Star Innovators Inc. remains at the forefront of crafting unique and high-quality non-alcoholic spirits for consumers nationwide.



Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran
Co-Founder and CTO
Gold Star Innovators Inc.

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