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Dr. Simon Levy

To say Dr. Simon Levy has been a driven individual his entire life would be an understatement. At just 12, he started his own trading company, importing tech goods from China to his native Mexico, teaching himself Chinese at the same time and supervising quality and processes. By the time he was 17 and pursuing a law degree at the National University of Mexico and serving as a USAID intern, his company had earned its first $3 million. He studied Chinese law at Renmin University and in 2003, opened Latin Asia Development Group, connecting the Chinese and Latin American markets with divisions in food and beverage, tourism, and importing and exporting. It made $1 million in just six months. In 2010, he sold that company, which had grown to 300 employees strong and multiple locations in China, Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia, in an M&A with China Development Bank and China Boda International Holdings Group. From 2012 to 2018, he served as Mexico City’s Investment and Development Agency CEO , and in 2018, became national undersecretary of tourism in Mexico before relocating to California with his family in 2019.


Today, Simon is vice president of The Ideasia Fund, a leading Asian investment fund specializing in tourism infrastructure and high-tech ventures in China, Mexico, Israel, and the U.S., handling some of China’s most important investments in these countries. He’s raised top amounts in Mexico and the U.S. for public and private engineering projects and blockchain, and nurtures connections between Chinese and Western companies. He also teaches, sharing his expertise with the next generation of global entrepreneurs. In 2021, he wrote his latest book, The Microglobal Age, detailing his journey to success. His prior book, 2017’s Growth Without Debt, won Best Economy Book from the Mexican Academy of Geography and Economics.


For Simon, the ever-changing geopolitical and economic landscape is an inspiration. “I want to create welfare and development opportunities, and I love navigating new challenges,” he says. “I love doing innovation.”


Dr. Simon Levy holds an MBA, a master’s in international management, a PhD In law, and a post-PhD in data science and AI from UC Berkeley, as well as a post-PhD from Kennedy School of Harvard and Yale in economics and public policy.


Dr. Simon Levy

Chairman of the Board  —  The Ideasia Fund


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