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Edward Park

Edward Park is an engineer and a learned intellectual property (IP) attorney who has committed his entire career to protecting the innovative inventions of engineers, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. For over a decade, he’s represented clients in patent infringement cases and helped them protect their invaluable IP rights.

At Fidelis Law Group, Edward continues his work focused on all areas of patent law, including complex patent litigation, patent prosecution, and client counseling, with an emphasis on strategic patent monetization, patent portfolio management, and patent licensing. There, Edward has provided both his legal and technical analysis for inventions in diversified technologies, including wireless telecommunications, mobile devices, audio codecs, semiconductors, GPS, smart cars, polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, and medical devices.

“We deal with a lot of startups and companies with inventions, and to understand their complex technologies and proficiently represent them, you also need to be one of them—an inventor, a scientist, or an engineer. Most of our clients demand to work with attorneys who understand their language, not just legalese,” Edward says. “Most inventors, especially the tech startups, depend on the innovative technology they’ve created and obviously, it is their crown jewel. That’s why it’s critically important to have competent patent attorneys to help them safeguard their innovations with well drafted patents, which provide powerful protection against any competitors for at least next 20 years,” Edward explains. As former in-house general counsel for patent licensing companies, with a background in engineering, he knows of what he speaks. “We often see some companies lose their competitive advantage against competitors because their patents were not carefully drafted or managed. That is why it should be taken care of from the very beginning, not when you think your tech is infringed,” he shares. “In any industry, everyone is fighting hard to become successful survivors in their competitive markets. Imagine what you could do with strong lawful rights to deter anyone from using your innovations for years in the market. You will not just survive, but thrive. That’s what good patents provide you and we work hard to protect patent owner’s rights."

This is precisely one of the reasons why Edward started the tight-knit patent team at Fidelis Law Group, whose attorneys have extensive knowledge in a diverse universe of technologies. However, their commitment doesn’t begin and end with getting a patent approved; it shines through in their appreciation of the investment required for their clients to bring their innovations to the world and their mission to protect them well into future. “A patent is a valuable intellectual property earned by a patent owner. However, just like other properties, if you keep it in your drawer and never utilize it, it will not only expire at the end of its term without any valued return, but others can take advantage of your rights without recognizing your hard work.” Edward emphasizes. “Hard work should be rewarded, and we take pride in successfully awarding all of the innovators out there.”

Edward is a registered patent attorney with a Virginia State bar license and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) license. He holds a JD with a certificate in intellectual property law from the University of New Hampshire School of Law and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Nottingham, UK.

Edward Park

Intellectual Property Attorney — Fidelis Law Group, PLLC



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