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Eric Robinson

In the fast-paced world of fast-food, where burgers reign supreme, there's a glaring omission that has left America's taste buds longing for more – the absence of a popular national hot dog chain. Enter Eric Robinson, a former collegiate wrestler turned CEO and founder of Dogs & Cream, a company that's poised to change the game in the world of fast-food franchising.

Eric's journey to entrepreneurship began with an ascent through the ranks at Burger King, where he went from a humble cook to the director of operations over multiple districts. His tenure there spanned an impressive 33 years. During this time, he honed his skills in creating and managing systems and successfully opening numerous restaurants – skills that would prove invaluable in his forthcoming venture.

In 2018, Dogs & Cream opened its doors in Racine, WI. The restaurant quickly gained a reputation for serving great-tasting, craft-style hot dogs and a diverse menu of ice cream and comfort food options. Their menu boasts nearly a dozen hot dog varieties, including mouthwatering options like the New York Finest Frank, Big Bayou, and the iconic Chicago Dog.

Now, the stage is set for Dogs & Cream to embark on an exciting new venture – franchising. Eric and his team are gearing up to offer franchise opportunities in 38 states, starting in the second quarter of 2024. This move aims to fill a void in the market and give hot dog enthusiasts across the country a taste of something truly special.


Eric Robinson
Dogs & Cream



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