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Ezekiel (Zeke) Rutman-Allen

Zeke Rutman-Allen is a seasoned executive leader with a diverse background spanning over two decades in information technology, business technology, and engineering. Highly skilled in overseeing all facets of technology operations, he thrives on tackling difficult and complex challenges, empowering teams to surpass limitations to achieve aspirations with unparalleled success. This is accomplished by leveraging methodologies including Agile, Lean, ITIL, and PMBOK to create value while eliminating waste.

Currently serving as an advisor at TechStack, a dynamic technology startup dedicated to assisting other startups with lead generation and software solutions, Zeke’s career journey is nothing short of inspiring. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the Army, embarking on a parallel path of military service and technological pursuits. Deployed in 2003, he returned in 2005 to join PowerLight, later acquired by SunPower, the only vertically integrated solar company at the time. Over a span of 13 years, Zeke contributed significantly to SunPower's growth, initially leading their global network services group. His team spearheaded the deployment of pioneering technical solutions, scaling the company's revenue to $2.5 billion by 2011. This role allowed Zeke to traverse various divisions, including factories, corporate offices, and commercial and utility projects, overseeing the delivery of all IT aspects of several of the world’s largest solar power plants.

Transitioning into a business role, Zeke focused on enhancing commercial Business Applications. After leaving SunPower In 2018 due to reorganization, he chose to view the potential setback as an opportunity for career advancement. Focused marketing of skills and experience led to being offered a director role at Workday. Leading a global team of ~50 engineers, Zeke facilitated the transformation of the organization from a traditional operations center to an SRE function. Zeke's impact was lasting and undeniable, leaving the organization significantly improved. Despite another experience many in tech have had recently - a second reorganization - Zeke again sought the opportunity to redefine what he could accomplish and aim higher.

While acting as technical advisor to TechStack, Zeke has also taken on a position as a senior director for a financial services company, spearheading the reliability of an innovative digital wallet product. Additionally, he contributes his expertise as a technical editor for publications such as O'Reilly Media, where he shares insights into information security and emerging technologies.

Zeke's approach to leadership is characterized by a growth mindset and a commitment to leaving a lasting impact. He thrives on challenging ideas and pushing organizations to think beyond their limitations. “Questioning assumptions and giving people the right tools and space to ask questions of themselves and others is one of the most valuable things that I give to people,” Zeke shares. "I'm really good at figuring out how to move hard problems forward. In my current role, we're developing an application that's going to serve hundreds of millions of users. I focus on ensuring services are resilient and everybody in the value stream is connected, working from common understandings and processes. This is the best way - perhaps the only way - to ensure the application is available and performant for our users."

In a sector that is often underscored by ambiguity, Zeke promotes clarity and intelligence. With a career marked by transformative leadership and a commitment to pushing boundaries, he continues to shape the future for technology startups at TechStack and beyond. As he continues to challenge assumptions, drive innovation, and empower others, Ezekiel Rutman-Allen remains at the forefront of technological advancement, leaving an indelible mark on the industry for years to come.


Ezekiel Rutman-Allen

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