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Building Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Farzana Abdulhusein 

Farzana Abdulhusein is the CEO of Creative Faze, a boutique people-centric design and technology company. Coming from a family of business owners, some say entrepreneurship was in her DNA, however, Farzana’s path wasn’t always pointed in this direction. “When I was in university studying architecture, a professor told me I designed like Mies Van Der Rohe, and assumed I was a big fan of his work. He was a German-American architect in the 20th century. I’d never heard of him. He loved the phrase, “less is more” and as I studied his work more closely, I realized just how much my design principles were in line with his. Minimal. Simple. Yet inherently intricate and beautiful.”


Today, Farzana lives with a “less is more” mentality. It’s the way she runs her business with a boutique-style configuration that allows for a collaborative and decentralized working environment where everyone’s ideas are heard. And it’s the way she works with her clients, helping them build their product by reducing it to its simplest form first so end users can understand and appreciate it, only then enhancing it as the concept evolves.


Since she opened in 2012, Creative Faze has grown to be a 60-employee business, serving SMBs, SMEs, startups, nonprofits, and companies in the education, health care, and finance sectors. The company offers an array of services, with a focus in SaaS, automation, smart analytics and AI. With every project, Farzana and her team bridge the design and development process through fluid communication with a focus on quality, innovation and unparalleled results. “My team members are like family,” Farzana says. “When we onboard a new client, they become part of that family too – it’s these people who are the very backbone of the Creative Faze success story. It’s like magic the way we share the same ideologies and visions, and as a result, are able to provide our clients with tremendous value in their businesses because we’re all working synergistically to achieve the same goals.”


Day in and day out, Farzana relishes in the innate uncertainty and inevitable change of the fast-paced design and tech industry. Whereas others may hide in fear or shy away from such a challenge, it is in her work that Farzana feels most alive – constantly learning, growing and applying her creative skills, both as a driven individual and the visionary behind a company.


Farzana Abdulhusein

CEO — Creative Faze Inc.






Instagram: CreativeFaze

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