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Federico appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Federico Puebla


“Empowering Quebec with skills to thrive in the 21st century.” It was with this mission that Federico Puebla co-founded Créativité Québec in the fall of 2021. The organization was born from an unwavering desire to  empower teens and professionals to tackle the great challenges ahead. “We’d found that the new generation doesn’t always have the required creative mind and critical thinking when they’re first breaking into the market,” he explains. “We started the first Creativity League in Québec to teach these essential skills and help foster creativity and innovation.”


With plans to expand throughout Canada in 2024, Créativité Québec also counts corporations, including the Canadian Space Agency, among its growing number of clients. “Becoming an intrapreneur inside a company requires resilience and passion,” Federico says. “Other important skills we teach in that arena are problem-solving techniques, adaptability, being able to take smart risks, thinking outside the box, empathy, and design thinking.”

A changemaker with a relentless will to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in others, Federico is an innovator with extensive corporate experience having worked for IBM, CGI, and world-class Canadian engineering company, SNC-Lavalin. He was also the craftsman behind Desjardins Lab, the first innovation lab at Canada’s largest financial service cooperative Desjardins Group. He is recipient of the Corporate Champion of the Year Award at the Montreal Startup Community Awards. With his extensive experience, Federico has since made it his mission to pay it forward. “Over the course of my career, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to always be at the center of innovation and creativity. Now, I want to give back to the next generation of emerging talent,” he shares. The creator of Cooperathon, Canada’s largest open-innovation challenge, Federico was also the director of the Desjardins’ Start-up in Residence Incubator. “I believe that innovation is an outcome, and there are necessary steps you have to take in order to get there,” he states. “For businesses, that involves working on the company culture, which is a lifelong journey where the byproduct is innovation.”


Federico holds a degree in computer science specializing in software engineering, he’s also PMP and has multiple Microsoft certifications.


Federico Puebla

Co-Founder & CEO — Créativité Québec





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