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Trung and Krassi appear in the 
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Meet the New Faces of HOAs

Trung Q. Pham and Krassi Iovtcheva

Trung Q. Pham—Co-Founder & CEO

By 2012, Trung Q. Pham and Krassi Iovtcheva had spent two decades in accounting and finance, working for some of the world’s largest management companies and publicly traded firms. They could have continued to enjoy all the benefits of their roles in the Corporate America factory, but as they watched the pursuit of profits overshadow the clients and team members, they could no longer sit idly by. So, in 2013, Trung and Krassi left Big Corporate and founded Finite Business Solutions, LLC, in Austin, Texas, as a family of brands, which also include Finite Files and Archer Now, that together, serve as an all-inclusive accounting and finance back-office solution specifically designed for both HOA management companies and self-managed HOAs under $40M in annual revenue. “We believe everyone deserves access, not just large corporations with deep pockets,” Trung says. “We wanted to level the playing field for the smaller Management Companies and HOAs that are too often overlooked or outright dismissed.”


Welcome to the new face of HOA Financial Management —dedicated to the people they serve and the mission to better the lives of all involved. And they’ve proven it for a decade. Named to the Top 100 Global Leaders in Finance for the past two years by both GCIF and Money 2.0, Finite currently handles accounting and taxation needs for over 3,000 HOAs across 10 states spanning from Georgia to Hawaii—with locations soon opening on both the East and West Coasts. Unlike typical bookkeeping or CPA firms, Finite’s clients inherit a full-scale accounting team with over 45 years of HOA industry experience, comprised solely of U.S.-based professionals. Led by an award-winning leadership team of seasoned accountants with backgrounds in industrial psychology, statistics, accounting, finance, and business. Finite also creates state-specific delinquency programs that are 66% more effective than third-party collection agencies at a third of the cost.


We spoke with Trung, who shared the details behind what drove him and Krassi to jump the Big Corporate ship, what makes FINITE so different, and the deeply personal reason for their affinity for “the little guys.”

What compelled you and Krassi to start FINITE?


We both came from Corporate America, where it’s all about numbers and volume. But there are people behind those numbers, and we felt they were getting lost in the pursuit of endless profits, and their voices weren’t being heard. We wanted to serve the people, the communities. And even as we get bigger, we’ll never lose sight of that mission.

How is Finite different from other full-service accounting and tax firms?


First, in this trend of outsourcing overseas, we remain a firm that values hiring U.S.-based accountants who work in-house at our Marketplace of Accounting Center in Austin, TX. Second, we virtually eliminate fraud thanks to our security protocols, segregation of duties, and controls, and because multiple people touch your account each month. Typically, there are two sides of the spectrum:  the single bookkeeper who works alone with only the client reviewing their work, which increases the risk of mistakes and fraud; and the full-service CPA firms that charge exorbitant fees. We sit in the middle. Our goal is to provide the same level of controls, systems, and processes found at large corporations, but at a fraction of the cost—CPA-level service at bookkeeper rates. HOA accounting is incredibly complex, so we make sure it’s done right the first time, every time.

Krassi Iovtcheva—Co-Founder & COO

Why do you have a special affinity for helping smaller HOAs and companies?


Krassi and I are both immigrants. I’m from Vietnam; she’s from Bulgaria. Wanting to help smaller HOAs comes from our experiences. We know what it’s like to be part of the forgotten. We believe everyone deserves access, not just large corporations with deep pockets. Our mission was, and remains, to provide access to services regardless of size. We have associations as small as four units and as large as 3,000, and we love them all! No community is too small for us.


Our second mission is to preserve accounting positions in the U.S. We’re both U.S. citizens, and we understand the value of what this country offered us, so to see skilled labor being outsourced just to fatten pockets doesn’t sit well with us because there are wide-reaching generational implications to it. We’re dedicated to protecting the future of viable jobs here. In doing so, we hope others might follow suit, and together, we can create an everlasting ripple in this giant ocean.


What drives you, Trung?


Our people and our clients. We don’t feel like vendors; we partner with our clients, and relationships matter to us. At FINITE, our most valuable commodity is our people, and we value them. At the heart and soul of it, we’re a service industry, and we can’t serve without the amazing people we have.


Trung travels the country as a keynote speaker on a variety of prescient subjects, and he’s a regular contributor to Community Association Institute, the largest nonprofit HOA educational institute.



Trung Q. Pham

Co-Founder and CEO— Finite Business Solutions, LLC




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