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Florian (“Flo”) Goette

Florian Goette (“Flo”) was only 23 when he got his paragliding license and went out for a flight on a day with rough conditions. “Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong,” he remembers. He was hit by a wind gust, fell some 10 meters, and smashed two of the vertebrae in his lower back, paralyzing him. He was airlifted to a hospital where operations failed and left him in a coma. He woke from the coma, but was still in critical condition, and endured three near-death events. But within those experiences, he saw something else: visions of his future. One was of himself walking out of the hospital. Another was traveling across oceans and hiking up a volcano. Against all odds, after just three months of recovery, Flo walked out of the hospital. Bolstered by the inspiration of his visions, he regained his motion and returned to paragliding. But he was about to be inspired once again—and this time it would lead to a remarkable career as a serial entrepreneur with four successful startups, a $10 million acquisition, and his latest brainchild, Neco, a cryptocurrency which seeks to become the next financial system.


The idea for Neco came while Flo ventured deep into the Amazon rainforest. He was struck by the vision of a world where people lived in peace and abundance, and the environment was healthy and thriving. And thus, Neco Finance was born—a cryptocurrency firm with a philanthropic and environmentalist twist. With the motto “People. Planet. Profit,” it combines investment with social and ecological values and delivers a positive triple bottom line. First, the cryptocurrency generates profit and increases value over time without being as volatile as some of the other crypto options out there. “Our current monetary system is collapsing so we are confident the crypto space will be the place to be in the future,” Flo says. Secondly, Neco provides unconditional universal basic income, meaning people can apply to receive money on a monthly basis, freeing people from poverty so they can pursue their own visions. Third, Neco offsets its members’ carbon footprints by investing into afforestation projects, allowing members to be climate-neutral and completing the vision of a sustainable financial system that serves both the people and the planet.


Flo doesn’t just have visions; he also knows how to turn them into reality. He has the experience to develop and manage projects of this scale thanks to a career of creating start-up companies since his late 20s. To date, he’s started, managed, and sold four tech start-ups and is currently working on his fifth and most ambitious project, Neco. His last start-up, Data Scout, a master data management company, was acquired by Informatica for $10 million. This allowed him to achieve financial freedom and travel the world. His travels led him to realize the extent to which climate change, pollution, mass extinction of species, poverty, hunger, inequality, debt, inflation, corruption and many other issues impact the quality and security of life on Earth, and how the current financial system was exacerbating them. “We have enough food for everyone, enough medicine to cure diseases and all the tech to live sustainably, but it is the financial resources that are missing,” he explains. Eventually, these realizations led to Neco, and, he hopes, to a future of financial freedom for all as well as a thriving planet.


In addition to building his projects with an eye on sustainability and social good, Flo has also worked on a documentary on sharks, his favorite animal, during his travels. 15 years after his paragliding accident, he solo climbed the world’s highest volcano, Ojos del Salado in Chile. He loves paragliding, kiteboarding, diving, sailing, mountaineering, yoga and meditation.



Flo Goette

Founder & Chairman — Neco Finance


Phone: +49 1590 5473979


Facebook: Flo Goette

Instagram: @flogoette

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