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Executive Director: Southwest Marketing Advisory Center;

Director: Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southwest Minnesota State University;

Owner/Consultant: EntOrgCorp;
Board Member: United Way Southwest

George appears in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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George Taylor


George Taylor has always had an innate passion for fostering growth, with a unique ability to magnify others' entrepreneurial spirits. Over the years, he has filled many roles —each amplifying his dedication to guiding nascent businesses to their zenith. Today, his titles range from executive director of the Southwest Marketing Advisory Center to the director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southwest Minnesota State University, and from owner and consultant for EntOrgCorp to a committed board member for United Way Southwest.


George's career journey is a testament to his commitment to aiding entrepreneurs. His venture into the Navy was a significant turning point. While the experience was far removed from the glamorous depiction in Top Gun, it offered him something invaluable: a direction molded by the mentors and coaches who believed in him. This experience, combined with an intrinsic love for people inherited from his parents, ignited George's vision for businesses centered on service and genuine value.


Following his Navy service, George forayed into entrepreneurship in 2003 with VaStrat, a company specializing in human resources consulting for government agencies. By 2004, George expanded VaStrat's reach into real estate, focusing on providing quality housing for the middle and lower-middle class. This enterprise thrived until 2014. Yet, even before closing this chapter, in 2011 George co-founded EntOrgCorp. This firm's raison d'être is simple yet profound—to shepherd clients through their entrepreneurial journey, transforming bright ideas into thriving corporations.


EntOrgCorp (EOC), LLC, stands as a testament to George's expertise and commitment. As a veteran-owned company, EOC prides itself on being a strategic partner in IT and human resource strategies. Their specialization lies in cybersecurity, virtual evidence, and remote operations for a spectrum of organizations. The collective experience of the EOC team, spanning 65 years, underscores the firm's reputation for unparalleled proficiency.


However, George's influence doesn't end with EOC. At the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southwest Minnesota State University, he champions the entrepreneurial mindset. The Center's mission resonates deeply with George's ethos: enhancing the economic viability of the vast 18-county area of Minnesota's Southwest region through experiential learning and robust community outreach.


Among George's many accolades, a few stand out—his commission as a United States Naval Officer, the establishment of a successful real estate venture in Tennessee, being selected as the NCAA Dave Pariser Faculty Mentor of the Year for 2023, and his pivotal role in the U.S. State Department Africa Descendant Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. Further testament to his exceptional career is his leadership of a 150-strong department as an HR director in Guam and serving as a researcher for Leadership and Policy Center for Thriving Schools and Communities (THRIVE)


Throughout his illustrious journey, George's accomplishments have been recognized time and again. His list of awards includes the Navy-Marine Commendation Medal (thrice awarded) and the Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal (four times awarded), among others, and numerous Letters of Appreciation and Commendation


In every role, whether consulting through EntOrgCorp, teaching at Southwest Minnesota State University, researching innovating education approaches, or supporting the mission of the United Way Southwest, George's primary joy comes from impacting individuals and businesses. He revels in helping people recognize their strength, passion, and purpose. His guiding principle is one he frequently shares: "Be present, be passionate, and have a purpose."


George Taylor's story is one of service, commitment, and an unwavering dedication to entrepreneurial excellence. Through his varied roles, he continues to pave the way for countless others to find their path, just as he found his.


George Taylor
Executive Director of the Southwest Marketing Advisory Center

Director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Southwest Minnesota State University

Owner/Consultant for EntOrgCorp
Board Member for United Way Southwest

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YouTube: @drgeorgetayloriii4280

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