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Gianluca Passaretta

Gianluca Passaretta has devoted over 20 years to perfecting his skills in financial markets working on behalf of clients across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He is a visionary leader with a global view and a reputation for transforming and growing businesses in the financial markets arena. Now, as managing director for Mizuho Securities USA LLC, an integral part of the Japan-based Mizuho Financial Group, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, he’s applying those skills once again to support Mizuho and its clients. Based in the firm’s New York headquarters, Gianluca is the architect of the growth strategy for the credit trading business, and part of the firms’ exciting growth story in the Americas.


His career spans a diverse collection of businesses, firms, and geographies. Gianluca took the helm of the credit business at Mizuho Securities in 2019, where he manages a growing team of nearly two dozen financial professionals comprised of experts across all aspects of fixed income credit trading. The team is focused on maximizing revenues and building a client-based franchise. “I love setting ambitious goals and then working to achieve them,” Gianluca says. “The challenge of setting milestones for myself and Mizuho is a big part of my motivation. But it’s also applying what I know to where I think the industry is trending and aligning the business to support our client’s objectives to capitalize on those trends.”


Gianluca spends time between developing his team and advising Mizuho’s diverse clients. “When corporations come to us, Mizuho advises on the structure of the debt they intend to issue,” Gianluca says. “We then match them, using our network of institutional investors and our expertise. Our clients benefit from our strategies to issue debt that works best for their mission and circumstances. Investors benefit because of the debt package we bring to the market.”


Maximizing revenues is a delicate balancing act that Gianluca has perfected. “I am very focused on processes driven by technology, as well as cost control. Revenue maximizing is the proper distillation of all these ingredients along with well-timed execution.” It relies on his accumulated knowledge and expertise, which give him and his team the ability to understand the client’s core needs, to see where the industry is trending and position Mizuho as a leader, not a follower. Gianluca’s entrepreneurial drive is core to running large global businesses with profitability in mind.


While indeed expertise and insight are critical elements of success, Gianluca places the greatest importance on effective leadership. “Being a team player is key and working well together is paramount to success in the business. Being a good leader is as important as being a good team player. I consider myself both. A critical element in the financial industry is creating a culture of productive, collaborative teamwork, and it’s my responsibility as a leader to foster this environment.”


Gianluca’s leadership and vision are, in large part, a product of his global work experiences and education, his more than two decades of working with investors across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, as well as frequent travels to these regions. As financial markets have expanded to crisscross the globe, it’s vital to connect socially and culturally with investors across regions to gain perspective on global capital flow. “My international experiences allow me to listen for and identify emerging opportunities, to the benefit of our clients and Mizuho,” he says.


While Gianluca derives great satisfaction from his work, his greatest sense of accomplishment comes from driving Mizuho towards success. “It always feels good to watch Mizuho steadily rise in revenues and volumes in the industry. This is very rewarding to me personally,” he shares.


Before joining Mizuho, Gianluca served in leadership roles at other prominent financial institutions, spanning credit trading in assets of both US and Latin American companies, emerging markets risks across several products, and other development roles in macro and credit products. Gianluca holds an undergraduate degree in economics and business and a graduate degree in finance from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass Business School) in London. He is also fluent in four languages—English, Italian, French, and Spanish.


Gianluca Passaretta

Managing Director — Mizuho

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