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Ginger Orsi

A seasoned Realtor™ with a decade of experience in the real estate industry, and a successful independent investor in her own right, Ginger Orsi’s melding of passion, business savvy, and creativity has paved the way for an illustrious career with $15 million in sales for 2020 alone. Hailing from a family of successful industry professionals, Ginger’s extraordinary talent for real estate purchasing, investing, and negotiating is a combination of her DNA and her uniquely diverse artistic background. After receiving an early introduction to production and design as a child actor who starred opposite Brad Pitt, she spent nine years working behind the camera as an assistant art director for television. In 2011, she followed her passion for real estate and entered the field as an investment manager for Nu Urban Residential, LLC, a real estate investment company in Los Angeles. Five years later, she combined her knowledge of real estate and design to launch Sunset Dwellings, LLC, an Arizona-based company, providing development of commercial and residential properties, real estate investment, and holdings of residential rentals. She also sells real estate as a Realtor™ with Compass California and Real Living in Phoenix with a focus on investments.


Ginger’s success as an investor began before she even had her California and Arizona licenses in hand. Over the course of her career as a developer, she has flipped 52 houses, renovated 88 apartment units, developed over 28,000 square feet of apartments and townhomes, and constructed 36,000 square feet of commercial real estate. For her clients, she brings to bear the same techniques and expertise that drove her own success, as she caters to upscale investors and first-time buyers alike. As an experienced acquisitions specialist, she represents buyers with a methodical approach—educating them and ensuring that they are happy with their purchases. For her home sellers, Ginger wields her talent in set design to elevate listings, offering moving, cleaning, and staging services so that each property shines out among the masses.


The idea for Sunset Dwellings emerged after Ginger had the opportunity to work on a project in Arizona with her dad, a developer who specializes in schools and childcare centers. While she learned the development ropes from her father, Ginger soaked up knowledge on the transactional side from her mom, a successful real estate broker. Now, she brings this depth of insight from a lifetime of exposure and years of experience to serve her clients in myriad capacities. Ginger sells and acquires real estate on behalf of individuals and investors, provides investment consulting, and manages the development or improvement of properties to bring the highest possible return on investment. “I have a background in design, so I’m able to give my perspective on that as well, which tends to be clean, modern, and fun. So far, I’ve flipped more than 50 homes with a high success rate, and design is a critical part of that process,” says Ginger. “People want something that looks good and is unique.”


Along with design, acquisitions, entitlements, construction management, and research and development, Ginger provides several due diligence-related services, which include financial and property analysis. For the past 10 years, her niche has been multifamily investments, where she brings a detail-oriented, customer-focused approach. She especially enjoys working with her fellow millennials—the country’s largest rental demographic—as she can easily relate to their individual needs and lifestyles.


In addition to her personal knowledge, Ginger leverages her experience in the entertainment industry to benefit her clients—thinking of each home as its own production. “Whether updating a house or putting together a TV show from start to finish, both processes involve working with numerous people, dealing with a lot of moving parts, communicating a vision, and then organizing everyone to create that vision,” she explains. With every role she has played throughout her career, Ginger’s honesty, commitment, and passion for accommodating the people she works with have resulted in long-term, trusting relationships as well as financial success.


Ginger holds a B.A. in humanities from Cal State University Northridge. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California; California State, Long Beach; and California State, Northridge.



Ginger Orsi


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