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Glenn Bill

Glenn Bill is the rare person who can truly say his work has touched millions. A nationally recognized attitude coach and sales strategy specialist, he’s sharing all he’s learned in life with generations across the globe to help them succeed as he has. He’s a two-time bestselling author of The ABC’s of Attitude and Source of Sales, focusing on cultivating confidence to foster success. He did it all, (with help) raising four kids and coaching on a high a school football team to 13 State Championships. He won’t take all the credit; that’s not his style. Glenn stays forever thankful and humbled by the impact of the extraordinary people who helped raise him to the heights of success—and he’s dedicated to paying it forward.


Glenn started his career while he was young father, making just $11,600 a year. In 1989, at just 19 years old, founded the Glenn Bill Group. By 23, he purchased a national franchise organization and had grown it from $600,000 in revenue and 16 agents to nearly $10 million, 135 agents, and three offices, becoming one of the top 10 franchisees in the world before selling it. He could have retired, but that’s Glenn’s style, either. He didn’t “just” forge a new career as a sought-after keynote speaker and corporate strategist. He started the Attitude Movement that has taken industries by storm. In 2014, he founded the University of Attitude, followed by his national award winning Get Attitude Podcast in 2019, earning him recognition in SUCCESS Magazine as a Top 125 Speaker, Influencer, and Innovator.


We spoke with Glenn to learn more about how he’s helping people rise to heights they never imagined.


Your approach as both a speaker and a corporate strategist is centered around attitude principles. What does it mean to have a “winning attitude,” and how can it increase productivity, profitability, and morale?

A winning attitude must be delivered from the leader. I’ve always said, “No one works for me; everyone works with me.” Great leaders have the ability to see and communicate that. My goal as a speaker, strategist, and results coach for companies is to develop an aligned corporate attitude and culture so that a winning attitude is received by all who engage, creating a tangible bounce-back result for the leaders. A “winning attitude” is solution based, collaborative, and always puts others first. My work helps people cease to exist as individuals and realize accomplishment only is created through helping others.

Will you give us a brief description of your attitude speaking and training events and a few takeaways attendees can expect?

I always survey my audiences to create the largest impact for them. I never give the same  presentation twice. I must understand and feel my audience, and they must understand and feel they’ve been heard prior to me hitting the stage. My keynotes focus on the three biggest attitude mistakes people make and I weave that directly to the audience. I then give them 10 attitude strategies to take home to not only make them better business peers, but better spouses, parents, friends, and community-minded people.  

Tell us about your Get Attitude podcast and what people can learn from it.

I’m very selective with who I interview, and very deliberate about being inclusive on my show. It’s not just another white-male-dominated interview list. We’ve had some of the most influential and accomplished people as our guests. We reveal their secrets on how they “Bridge the GAP (Get Attitude Podcast)” from who they were to who they wanted to become. We’re starting our third season with the theme “Carry the Light,” interviewing people who are considered torchbearers for greater causes. 

Can you tell us just a bit about University of Attitude and The Attitude Movement?

We’re striving hard to have the University of Attitude be the world’s number one source for attitude awareness, diagnosis, and development! We believe everyone can benefit from learning about why they do what they do, think what they think, feel what they feel, and how to reprogram negativity into a positive force for others.

The attitude movement was created as a membership arm to get one million people to join us annually. We celebrate Global Attitude Awareness Day and have Global Attitude Fest. Our goal is simple: attract one attitude ambassador from every state and from 50 countries and to have Global Attitude Awareness Day celebrated everywhere on the same day. Big goal, but it’ll happen with the right people!  

What do you enjoy most about your work or what drives you?

Helping and serving others and changing lives for clients and their loved ones. Helping just one person have a winning attitude has the potential to change the world and that excites me!


Glenn Bill

Founder of the University of Attitude





Twitter: @uofattitude

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