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Guillaume appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Guillaume Viel


For more than two decades, Guillaume Viel’s background in metallurgical engineering served him well while he carved a successful career path in the steel industry. He steadily climbed the corporate ladder, moving from technical support to production control to department management to sales operation management. He had worked his way up to mill manager for different units when he challenged himself to step away from the industry he knew so well and enter the field of manufacturing as vice president of operations. His career came full circle recently when he joined Superior Alloy Technology as COO. “This new position gives me the opportunity to learn again, as I am always eager to do, and also recoup most of my past experiences and education,” Guillaume says.


Superior Alloy Technology specializes in trading and processing high-end metals to the fabrication sector. It has extensive facilities in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, smaller units in Boston and Chicago, and several sales offices. Adhering to an inclusive and humble management style, Guillaume is passionate about giving everyone a voice, yet he readily takes on tough decisions and conversations when necessary. In three different situations, he has been able to turn around a unit’s morale and results, and successfully implemented a world-class manufacturing system in one of them.


Guillaume has been a member of the Ingot Metallurgy Forum, has been involved with the Electric Metal Makers Guild, and volunteers in his community.


Guillaume Viel

COO — Superior Alloy Tech Inc.



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