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Hervé Max Tella


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Hervé Max Tella

Hervé Max Tella is a true polymath whose dynamic career began as a 14-year-old in France. Inspired by his family lineage of finance professionals, the teenager set out to combine his love of numbers with his passion for music—establishing his first record label by the age of 20. He then went on to work as an accountant for some of the most prominent producers in the country and to serve as a financial analyst for one of the largest mortgage companies in the world. Over the course of his successful 20-year career, Herve has continuously perfected his financial skill set as a serial entrepreneur, global accountant, mortgage broker, real estate investor, and financial advisor—conducting financial analysis within several leading companies, such as Canada Bread, Mercedes Benz, and Four Seasons. In addition to his expertise in overseeing full-cycle accounting and investment activities, Herve holds a particular proficiency in the development, renovation, and management of properties. To pursue even more of his professional aspirations, Herve relocated to Toronto, Canada, in 2016 and founded Herve Tella Financial in 2020. As CEO, he leverages his top-level experience to offer investment, personal finance, and insurance services to a rapidly growing client base of both companies and individuals. Within the short time since the company’s launch, Herve has become one of Canada’s most highly sought-after professionals—providing numerous audits and revenue reports as well as financial control and accounting analysis.


As a third-generation financier, Herve credits his family for teaching him the principles of accounting and for inspiring him to join the industry. As a child, he observed his late grandfather—a seasoned builder and real estate investor—amass more than 100 properties, which remain profitable today. He was also heavily influenced by his mother, an accountant, and his father, an IT engineer. So, after graduating from high school, Herve studied at The National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in Paris, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in law, economics, and international commerce as well as a master’s degree in accounting control and auditing. He also became licensed in mortgage brokering, life insurance, and segregated funds.


Along with a firm foundation in the finance world, Herve’s personality has been key to his success. He is open-minded, loves to learn, and holds a lifelong appreciation for diversity. In addition to speaking fluent English and French, Herve understands German, Spanish, Japanese, and Italian—all advantageous to his clients as well as to his own career. In 2000, he accepted his first position within the accounting sector of real estate and has since built a worldwide network of personal mentors, Fortune 500 companies, and a variety of industry leaders. For example, Herve made numerous contacts in 2014 while working as assistant CFO at Domino’s Pizza. While there, he also brought more accuracy to the company’s account analysis.


Today, in addition to his current role at Herve Tella Financial, Herve is a financial analyst for Chubb Fire & Security Canada. Working alongside the company’s CFO, he supervises the influx and outflow of money, helps leaders make profitable decisions through financial analysis, and works to reduce costs and increase cash flow. He is also the CFO of Tenant Trust, a real estate trust company, based in Toronto, Ontario.



Hervé Max Tella

CEO and Founder

Herve Tella Financial





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