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Hui appears in the Top 100

Business Leaders magazine.

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Hui Wu-Curtis

When Hui Wu-Curtis took a part-time job at a call center in college, she hated it so much, she quit after four months. But when she took another call center job a few years later, this time as a supervisor, she realized that a management position was far more interesting. Fast-forward to January of 2020, and Hui joined World Connection as president and COO, bringing 20 years of customer service experience and a career packed with awards, such as the 2017 CCW Customer Experience Leader of the Year and 2020 Nearshore America’s Top 20 Social Media Influencers.

Founded in 2011, World Connection SA and World Connection LLC provide B2B and B2C call center, back-office, and business processing outsourcing services for all kinds of businesses worldwide. Hui is now headquartered in Guatemala City and travels often to World Connection’s offices in Guatemala City and Boise, Idaho.

As she focuses on generating the company’s short- and long-term strategies, driving growth and profitability, and overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions, she leads a company ranked as one of 2020’s Top Performers by Contact Center World. The company took first place in the North American categories of both Best Outsourcing Partnership and Best Contact Center Design.

“It’s been wonderful,” Hui says of her time with World Connection. “There’s never a dull moment. Things change day to day, and it really is like building an engine in a moving car. It just never stops. That’s one of the fun parts of the job.”

While she focuses on designing the company’s unique niche in the outsourcing market and building the company’s client base, she’s not interested in making World Connection — which already has over 700 employees — into a massive corporation. “We’re not a big shop, and we’re not looking to grow to thousands of people, but what I want to do is to make our mark on the industry and create strong collaborations, so we can really innovate and be forward-thinking,” Hui explains.

“We have clients from nearly every industry. Working with so many different people and projects has really afforded me the ability to see things that people may not ordinarily see, and understand what they need, as well as the ways the processes we can improve. We always try to think of creative solutions to best help our clients,” she adds. “We’re big enough to provide a comprehensive suite of services, but small enough to be agile and pivot quickly — we’re not bogged down by bureaucracy.”

It’s this balance of personal attention, agility, and comprehensive service that Hui strives for, whether it’s helping a hospitality client in Portugal double in size or advocating for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. “I think I have a keen understanding of people and always start internally with developing and supporting talent. Having a strong understanding of the overall business, coupled with strong leadership development skills, allows for my organization to provide true business value and partnership to our clients and customers.”

Above all, Hui says she values being genuine, authentic, and transparent, as well having open and direct communication with clients and employees alike.

“I’m not focused on just the bottom line,” she says. “I’m looking at how we build meaningful connections with other businesses to help them evolve and mature. When you focus on the right things — like building trust between people, and really understanding your client’s business — that works to create the trust and the profitability that benefits on both sides.”


Hui Wu-Curtis

President & COO — World Connection

Boise, ID and Guatemala City, Guatemala





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