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Ilan appears in the 
Top 40 Under 40


Ilan Kilimnik


For Ilan Kilimnik, shipping everything from clothing to steel across Canada and the U.S. is more than just a time- and money-saving service for clients; it’s an opportunity to educate. “We’re not just helping move freight,” Ilan says. “We educate and make things simple for our clients. We care about people.”


Ilan co-founded RoadLINX, Inc., in Woodbridge, Ontario, in 2014. In the beginning, the third-party logistics company had 25 Canadian clients and a $2.5 million revenue. Today, thanks to their cost-effective, safe, and reliable transportation service, they have nearly 400 clients in Canada and the U.S. and $10 million in revenue as a top North American logistics company. While they work with Canada’s largest companies and are a registered Amazon fulfillment carrier, they’re truly passionate about championing and supporting small businesses with the same level of service and attention. “We treat everyone equally,” Ilan says. “You’re not just another number here.” RoadLINX provides a boutique feel with single points of contact, personalized trucking solutions, including specialty containers, and all-hours availability for assistance across time zones. An essential business, they powered through COVID, working overtime to get Canadians much-needed test kits.


Ilan and RoadLINX’s incredible team of brokers, drivers, and technicians are dedicated to finding the cheapest, fastest way to get products where they need to go, while helping their clients navigate exchange rate deals, and providing security with state-of-the-art tracking technology. “For us, it’s all about helping businesses grow, educating them on importing/exporting, the best routes, and everything in between,” Ilan says.


Ilan Kilimnik

Founder, President & Director —  RoadLINX, Inc.


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