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Top 100 People in Finance

Inachos Lazos

Inachos Lazos is the founder and managing director of Delphic Strategies, a southern Europe-based consultancy that provides bespoke macro and company analyses, investment sourcing as well as investor communication services to select clients globally. 

Inachos’ experience spans over two decades at premier institutions within the financial and investment industry globally. Having started in 1999 at Salomon Brothers’ London office, he spent 3 years in mergers & acquisitions, and another 3 in debt capital markets origination and structuring. He executed an aggregate of over EUR 50billion worth of transactions, before moving to the hedge fund side in 2006.  Inachos spent the following 10 years as portfolio strategist at some of the best-known macro hedge funds in the world, building a substantial network of policy maker as well as corporate contacts at the highest level. 

Drawing on this rich experience, Inachos founded Delphic Strategies in 2015 with the support of a handful of strong longstanding business relationships. Ever since the climax of the European and Greek sovereign crises, Delphic has provided the deep, local, reliable but most importantly personalized service some of the world’s most sophisticated investors have sought in order to develop their edge.  To deliver that, Inachos travels regularly between major decision-making centers and company sites in Europe and the USA on in-depth fact finding trips. These are critical in bridging the gap between long-distance superficial perception and local fundamental reality, which then informs critically the bottom up investment analysis. Over time, Delphic Strategies’ greatest and most gratifying achievement has been its portfolio of a select few, deep and reliable business relationships and partners.  Looking ahead, Inachos is looking to modestly expand Delphic Strategies, replicating the exact same approach with possibly a handful of additional, well-targeted clients to offer them exceptional local edge.   

Inachos holds an MBA from MIT. In his approach, developed over more than 20 years, he loves to combine the big picture with rigorous bottom up analysis.  He speaks 7 languages, loves traveling and is an avid fan and sportsperson. 

Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Inacho's feature on page 94.

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