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J. Marcel Louimeus

J. Marcel Louimeus is a seasoned financial advisor with nearly a decade of experience in the industry, having commenced his career in 2014. Over the years, he has established himself as a trusted expert in retirement planning, IRA and brokerage accounts, and 401K management. His journey into the world of finance began with a strong focus on individual wealth management, but it quickly evolved to encompass the corporate arena as well.


In 2017, J. Marcel transitioned into the realm of corporate retirement plan management at a fundamental level, collaborating with employers to establish 401K plans for their organizations. With unwavering dedication and expertise, he steadily expanded his portfolio of clients during his tenure at a prominent financial institution. However, his commitment to his clients and his vision for a more personalized, client-centric approach to financial advisory led him to a pivotal decision.


Recognizing that his aspirations did not align with the firm's overarching objectives, J. Marcel made the bold decision to create his own venture. In pursuit of his vision, he founded Exos Wealth, a distinguished registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Exos Wealth was conceived by a group of like-minded investment advisory representatives who shared a common goal: to provide clients with a truly bespoke investment management experience. By bridging the gap between retail investors and the large advisory firms, Exos Wealth offers a more engaged and personalized approach to investment guidance.


The team at Exos Wealth is driven by their primary objective: helping clients navigate the intricate landscape of finance to realize their short- or long-term goals. As a multidisciplined advisor, J. Marcel brings a wealth of knowledge and qualifications to the table. He holds both an MBA and a BS from LeTourneau University, in addition to being a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS®), and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®). His dedication to financial education and empowerment also extends to his roles as a speaker and financial educator, where he shares his insights with a wider audience.


In recognition of his exemplary contributions to the field, J. Marcel was honored as one of the Top 50 under 50 by the Association of African American Financial Advisors in 2021. He also serves as a panel chair for TD Ameritrade's 401k advisory board.


At Exos Wealth Strategies, J. Marcel Louimeus and his team are committed to delivering expertise, quality, transparency, integrity, and authenticity to their clients. As a Registered Investment Advisory™ firm and fiduciary, their dedication to excellence sets them apart in the industry. Their approach revolves around personalized financial planning, where they collaborate closely with each client to create tailored financial strategies that align with their unique objectives and circumstances.


J. Marcel Louimeus and Exos Wealth Strategies stand ready to assist individuals and families in managing their assets, building lasting wealth, and navigating the intricate world of finance with confidence and precision.



J. Marcel Louimeus
Financial Advisor
Exos Wealth


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