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Jacob “Jake” Tuimaualuga

Jacob “Jake” Tuimaualuga has always held a special appreciation for immigration law. During his time as an undergraduate student, he interned at an immigration firm and quickly realized he was called to be in the field. Since then, Jake has spent his entire professional career navigating the United States immigration system and working with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, investors, families, and individuals. In April 2021, he became a partner at ImmiVisa Law Group, a specialized team of immigration lawyers that helps corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals worldwide to pursue opportunities within the U.S.

ImmiVisa Law Group was founded upon the idea of bringing both affordability and premium service to the industry. As suggested by the firm’s blended name of “immediate, immigration, and visa,” the attorneys focus on business immigration and helping small business owners and entrepreneurs open offices throughout the nation and/or transfer employees to the U.S. “I started ImmiVisa because I wanted to help entrepreneurs dreaming of making it big in the United States, but who are not yet able to afford the American Dream,” says Jake. “In my experience, most small startups don’t have tens-of-thousands of dollars to invest in legal fees yet in their early stages, so my goal was to take on those cases and help them realize their potential. Forming those relationships with successful people is worth more than making a quick buck up front.” Since its inception, the firm has had great success in assisting world-class engineers, scientists, athletes, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Within his role as partner, Jake devotes his practice to employment-based transactional cases, including both nonimmigrant visas and permanent residence applications. Specifically, Jake’s practice specializes in extraordinary ability applications, national interest waivers, and international manager/executive transfers. Jake takes pride in making himself personally available to his clients, and while he cannot guarantee outcomes, he does guarantee that anyone who is not satisfied with their outcome will receive a refund of attorney’s fees. “While such an agreement is rare, it motivates us to do a better job, and it gives clients confidence because they’re not putting their life savings into something that’s going to fail,” he explains.

Prior to accepting his current position, Jake worked at a large international firm in employment immigration. Jake consults with clients on a daily basis and performs onsite visits for companies regarding I-9 compliance for their workers. Jake also attends visa interviews for people applying for U.S. immigration (USCIS.)

Giving back to the community outside of the office is also immensely important to Jake. He serves as a volunteer and compliance chair at Pik2ar—a nonprofit health and economic initiative for Pacific Islanders in the state of Utah.

A winner of the Distinguished Clinical Practice Award for J. Reuben Clark Law Society, Jake holds a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young Law School and is barred in the state of Utah. He is also licensed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and is certified to appear in the Executive Office of Immigration Review.


Jacob “Jake” Tuimaualuga


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