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Jaidin McCann

Meet Jaidin McCann, the dynamic founder and CEO of Jasper Consultancy. Renowned for her expertise in crafting and implementing data-driven human capital strategies that drive organizational success, Jaidin has made a significant impact across Fortune 500 companies and VC-backed startups alike. Her journey began as an HR executive at a startup hotel, where she built the entire HR function from the ground up. This experience ignited her passion for creating exceptional workplaces, inspiring her to assist other startup leaders in turning their aspirations into reality and eventually paving the way for her own venture.

Jaidin's frustration with companies prioritizing profit over people fueled her mission to revolutionize the work landscape. She believes deeply in the importance of loving what you do. Her vision is to place not just executives, but truly great leaders who inspire teams and foster outstanding cultures. With Jasper Consultancy, she channels her vast experience and skills to help people and companies thrive.

Founded in 2021, Jasper Consultancy operates globally, embracing a fully remote model. The firm has quickly become a global leader in executive search and human capital consulting, specializing in senior/executive-level, C-suite, and board searches for growing technology companies. Jasper Consultancy’s mission is to build bridges to success by elevating the power of an organization’s most valuable asset: its people.

Jaidin's primary responsibilities at Jasper Consultancy include building and leading high-performing teams from scratch, strategic client partnerships, and driving the firm's overall strategy and growth. Her dedication to understanding clients' unique needs and providing tailored solutions ensures that Jasper Consultancy consistently delivers unparalleled service, maintaining its position as a leader in the industry.



Jaidin McCann

CEO and Founder: Jasper Consultancy


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