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Jason Guckian


From the football field to the oil field, Jason Guckian's life story embodies a spirit of tenacity, innovation, and relentless pursuit of purpose. The journey of the CEO and founder of Veritex Exploration is no ordinary rags-to-riches tale; it is an epic saga of heritage, grit, and unwavering dedication.


Industrialism has long been fostered throughout Jason’s lineage. In the early part of the 19th century, his great-great-grandfather immigrated from Ireland to Galveston, Texas, after changing his name from McGuckian to Guckian to avoid prejudice and secure employment. He landed a job with the railroad and helped lay tracks across Texas, from Galveston to El Paso. Not long after this impressive feat, he married and started a family. His son, Jason’s great-grandfather, would go on to meet and marry a woman whose family owned a large ranch in the developing Lone Star State. The subsequent discovery of oil on that ranch would permanently enmesh a relationship with the oil industry that dates back to the 1800’s for Jason.


Despite his ancestor’s involvement in oil production, Jason's family grappled with poverty. At just eight years old, the tragic loss of his father would further compound these challenges. Jason would witness the heartbreak manifest in his mother, who succumbed to addiction. Such adversities would break many, but not Jason. At 15, he moved out, supporting himself through high school. College football at Trinity University became his refuge, and his triumphs there—three-time All-Conference and team captain achievements, are a testament to his mettle.


Jason's entrepreneurial spirit manifested early. As a 6-year-old, he bought sodas cheaply and sold them at a markup at garage sales. By 11, he was knocking on doors, offering lawn services, and soon had enough business to hire neighborhood kids. Over the years, Jason has held diverse roles—gym owner, YouTuber, motivational speaker, actor, and stuntman (under the name Jason Shark McGuckian), professional wrestler, and magician. His constant thirst for innovation and reinvention has been his compass.


However, the real magic unfolds at Veritex Exploration. Jason's unique approach distinguishes the company in an industry not known for its innovation. Drawing parallels from his athletic background, he fosters a sports-minded work culture. Performance-driven awards, game jerseys, and a championship belt celebrate employees' hard work and determination. But it's not just about winning for the sake of winning. It’s about creating winners. For Jason, true victory lies in self-betterment and realizing one's potential.


Jason’s upcoming book, Doing Everything With Purpose, On Purpose, & For a Purpose, beautifully encapsulates his philosophy. He sees life as more than just chasing trophies. Instead, he advocates for winning the "championship of life"—a relentless pursuit of becoming the best version of oneself; something he calls “becoming one in a billion.”


Above all, Jason is a family man. Married for 23 years, he cherishes his wife and their four children, ranging from ages 4 to 21. Despite his vast accomplishments, he counts his family as his most outstanding achievement. Their existence amplifies his belief in purpose. For him, providing for them isn't just a duty—it's a calling.


Jason Guckian's story is an inspiration. From a young boy selling sodas to spearheading Veritex Exploration, his journey underscores that one can rise from any adversity with purpose, tenacity, and a clear vision. As the world watches Veritex Exploration's ascent, it's clear that under Jason's leadership, this company is not just another player in the industry—it's a game-changer.


We spoke with Jason to learn more about Veritex Exploration and how adversity helped to propel him rather than defeat him. 


Jason, can you shed some light on how Veritex Exploration distinguishes itself in such a highly competitive industry?


First, we employ a novel approach to sales, prioritizing genuine connections over mere transactions. Our goal is to help people, not sell them. Secondly, our core offerings give non-industry accredited investors an unparalleled round-table partnership in American oil and gas exploration. We back every partnership with real, scientific opportunities and straightforward, honest projections that aim for potential returns for all, not just the insiders. Thirdly, we aim to bolster American energy independence, a linchpin of national freedom and economic resilience. To accomplish that, we foster synergies between business owners and top oil industry experts. The endgame? More oil wells drilled on American soil, granting business owners potential monthly cash flow and substantial tax deductions, often fully realized in the inaugural year. Lastly, we built our foundation upon five core values: 1) Honor—we prioritize integrity over profit. We pledge allegiance to God, our families, clients, teams, and community. 2) Being relentless—our unwavering spirit underscores our ethos: you can't lose if you don't quit. 3) Being impeccable—we champion excellence, perpetually striving for the pinnacle. Every shortcoming is an opportunity for growth, propelling us to be better than yesterday. 4) Transparency—we shed light on the oft-murky waters of the oil and gas sector. By championing transparency, we aim to root out industry malpractices and prioritize our customers' genuine needs. 5) Belonging—beyond ambition and talent- our company's heartbeat lies in its people—our employees and our clients. We’re not just a company but a close-knit family where camaraderie is treasured.


What adversarial influences are most evident in your leadership style?


My mentor once imparted a leadership insight: Leading people to their desires is good, but guiding them toward the paths they ought to take is exemplary. Building a nurturing culture and fostering my team's growth have become paramount in my leadership. My experiences in football, replete with challenges and dependence on teammates, have shown that genuine bonds can form in harsh conditions. These relationships, often contrasting in nature, coalesce seamlessly with shared objectives and team spirit. Such camaraderie translates to our clientele as well. Their trust, evident when they invest their hard-earned money with us, is a privilege I hold with immense gratitude and humility.


Jason Guckian
Founder and CEO
Veritex Exploration


Instagram: @VeritexExplor

X: @veritexexplor

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